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Don't get it.

Don't get it.

Okay so I’ve been doing PE for 4 months now. And I like to think I’ve gained about a .25 but it’s probably just stronger hard-ons..

Anyways I wanted to try hanging. So I made my own hanger and when I started using it I felt a lot of pain throughout my entire piece. I had about 2-3 pounds on it and since I don’t have any weights less than that I stopped PE completely for a day or two and tried it again, and again same crap.

I don’t know what to do, my hands and arms get sore trying to do a manual hang like in Mem’s routine and I can’t hang even with a hanger. So I’m lost: I’m not getting erect gains or even flaccid gains so I think I’m just wasting time now.

My routine
Is 5on/2off
5min warm up
10 - 20 min arm-like hang as done in Mem’s routine
5min rest
10 - 20 min jelq
5min kegels

This is just really driving me insane. First month in, I gained .25 and I thought I was cruising. I’m 19 years old and a virgin, I’m 6’1 with a *gasp* five inch penis (I know ‘wtf’).
It’s not like I’m desperate for sex, I just want to feel comfortable with the IDEA of me having a sexual relationship with someone whom I can please sexually, and as of now that’s definitely NOT the case.

I feel so confused and just pissed. Out of all the normal sized people: I’m the deviant, the one with an infantile dick. This just doesn’t work for me because I’m highly ambitious but I just lack the education (as still some scientists do on the matter).

Anyways I apologize for the ranting and if anyone can point out the mishaps in my routine and point me in a better direction I would appreciate that.

Started - 5.75BPEL, WAS - 6.75BPEL

Currently - 6.00BPEL 9 months now...

A. You have no idea if you can please anyone or not. With a defeatist attitude, you’re not likely to be very good. Stop projecting your disappointment about your size onto potential partners.

B. You’re within the realm of “normal” at five inches. it’s not infantile. it only looks smaller because the rest of you is large.

C. What kind of hanger did you make? A Wench, CC3, your own design? You don’t just clamp a few pounds on your dick and let it go. You have to know where to grasp the inner structures and how to compress the overlying skin without damaging it. Pain = damage.

D. Try the Newbie. It’s time tested and has worked for many. Or try the altered one ( - Modified newbie routine) by babbis.

E. Don’t be in a hurry. You’ve been at it a relatively short time.

Hey! Could you tell us what kind of a hanger you use. Maybe you could post a picture of your hanger. Also mention the dimensions on it. Maybe someone can come up with a suggestion or two to modify it so you can keep the pain away. Much of the pain you feel could be because of a bad design.

Hanging with 2 lbs shouldn’t be a problem and your Unit should be able to tolerate the weight. What kind of pain do you experience when you hang? Pain as such, is not good while hanging. A good stretch of the unit is ideally what you should be feeling. Having said that, pain of the skin due to the stretch could be normal at times when you have just started out. Maybe, you need more conditioning?

Also, remember that PE could be slow for some. Dont expect .25 every month. Gains come with a lot of hard work & persistance. Keep at it and you will notice results. Hanging and clamping will surely get you some. Now that you have been at it for 4 months, you could consider a small break of 10 day without any PE. Sometimes people start to see gains after a decon break. Consider that. Also, how are your PIs? If you have a overtrained unit then gains are likely to slow down. You need to consider all these things before getting frustrated.

Post regularly on the forum here and ask question when in doubt. There are a lot of people here who can come up with good advice most of the times. Good luck.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Westla said everything I wanted to before I could finish typing :) So that double dose of the same advice for you Kaneka.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

I know a guy with a similar penis.. He’s a small guy but he gets girls.. He’s 17 and been with like 12 girls.. Some of them he hooks up with consistantly.. Trust me you can please a girl with that.

I recommend for a first hook up being with someone that you trust/ have known for a while.. After that it will bring you a lot of confidence..

And don’t give up on your goal.


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