Don't feel any stretch

Hi guys, I have been PEing for awhile but I haven’t gained in awhile. I stopped manual stretching because I got frustrated, it seems like it is doing absolutely nothing because I feel NO pull at all anywhere. I would like to start again but I’d like some help. Where should I grip? People say an inch behind the glans, when I do this the skin comes with my hand and wraps around my head, yet I still feel absolutely nothing and if I do feel anything, it’s slight discomfort in the head.

Any help appreciated? Videos? Pictures.. Please

Edit: I just found one sitting here that I think may work nicely, with one hand I pull the skin on my penis over the gland/head and then grab the base while doing this and proceed to stretch with my hand at the base while letting go of the other hand. Works well, feel a super stretch and no pain.

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