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Done growing

Done growing

Hello PE’rs I have a question. I’m not sure if I’m done growing, I am 18, and I’m wondering if it’s ok to PE even when your still in the late end of puberty. Thank you and this is my 2nd 1st post!! Oh Yeah!

Welcome to Thunders Place.

What’s your stats?

And the answer is!…….

……..drum roll………


When you finish is mostly dependent on when you started but some guys take longer to finish than others. Puberty doesn’t really end until you’re about 21-25 and your brain becomes completely mature (your mind is something else altogether). An orchidometer can tell you what stage of puberty you’re in and, subsequently, whether you stand to gain anything more in the dick department. There’s one you can print out at Now I have heard of some guys say their dick filled-out a little more when they were 20 or 21 but that’s unusual.

Now is a great time to start PE. Your hormones are soaring and your tissue is still pretty elastic and you’ll be less prone to injury than some older guys though, oddly enough, the more mature (closer to senior than teenager) guys tend to gain the most.

So go figure.

Welcome to Thunders! It’s a great place with a lot of great guys doing great things for their penises! Remember that PE isn’t just about jelqing or hanging, but total sexual health. Look at the forums for supplements and health, both body and mental. I’ve discovered PE isn’t just about your dick, it’s about your attitude to yourself and your body and making sure that all parts work together for mutual benefit.

Good luck and feel free to post so you can get access to all the forums. Get to know the guys here. It’s odd but there are men from all over the world of all different ages. It’s a remarkably free and tolerant place. Not many places you can talk about all your sexual anxieties without ridicule or responses like, “Uh…. yeah. So. Howabout them Mets?”

I sure hope its ok modestdarkness!

later youngun

Hey modest,

I think it’s fine for you to start PE now. As with everyone, just take it slow and easy at first. Get to learn the exercises and how to do them correctly. Enthusiasm is common but don’t let it get out of control.

What happened to your first, first post?

Edit: Stupid me. Welcome to Thunders!!


I concur with Jason_Els.

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I asked modestdarkness to let us know his initial stats so that guys here can consider it while suggesting. What if he has a 7”+ unit at his age 18?

Originally Posted by kbvk

I asked modestdarkness to let us know his initial stats so that guys here can consider it while suggesting. What if he has a 7”+ unit at his age 18?

Then it will be easier for him to get to the magical 8x6. No matter what his starting size I still think it is safe for him. But again, everything in moderation.


Hey ! How does that orchidometer works? Now I’m curious to know my volume eheheheh

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