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Done about 500 PC kegels.

Done about 500 PC kegels.

I’ve done about 500 PC kegels, 50 a day thus far, and I’m blowing alot differently, I’m finding my PC muscle is seemingly weaker, when I blow, there aren’t as many shoot across the rooms, it’s just one, then the second just edges on the under-opening of my urethra and the rest just oozes out and it’s way messier than it used to be, as I’m 19 and shooting was my game, now it’s just confusing me as I’m oozing rather than shooting — it’s real sloppy and has to stop.

I have to go to the toilet after I’ve thought I’ve gotten all the piss out, for an extra ‘shoot shoot drop’. Also after I blow, I find I have to wait awhile before my penis gets into that fresh stage of urine flow, and then I have to keep pissing a certain amount of times and this sudden feeling comes over me that reassures me ‘the job is done, stop peeing’ I just can’t explain it as it’s not really describable.

I heard weakening happens at the start of PC, how much more should I do, are kegels enough? What is your routine? Any recommendations?

I didn’t realize things get this bad.. Maybe that’s a sign my penis was uber PC weak before I started.. Ohh and I’m a premature ejaculator.

How fast did you do your kegels ? You can try some reverse kegels. You can also make the kegels last longer instead of doing a lot in short bursts. After you get over this ‘hurdle’ you will be fine, well should be.

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