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Donating Blood

Donating Blood

Hi there, on Friday Feb. 17, I am planning on donating blood in the morning and I was wondering if it is safe to have a jelq session that afternoon or possibly at night. Or should I just go and take the day off?

Also this is off topic but during a jelq is it good or bad to kegel? Like I am having a hard time of keeping my penis at a certain erection percentage and it keeps getting really erect? What can I do about this?


Giving blood should not effect that, although due to the fact that you DID give blood your immune system will be down since your body is busy making more blood. It would be a good idea to take a little day or two off. It’s always good to just rest after donating blood, bone marrow or anything else for that matter.

You should be fine doing it, but I’d still advise to take the chance and rest.

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If you go ahead and jelq and pass out, then it was a bad idea.

It’s OK to combine jelqing and kegeling.

Go ahead and do it. If it feels uncomfortable, stop. You’ll definitely have less blood for a while, but you’ll be getting a lot back in a short time if your bone marrow is in working order. Just don’t go home right after the donation and start doing it.

I just gave blood today and I feel really weird. But thanks for responding, the guys said I can workout and lift weights tomorrow so I’m going to try to get a jelq session in.

If we don’t hear from you by tomorrow, we will assume you passed out and need assistance. We will call 911 and tell them that we know a guy that is somewhere in the world, probably in an English speaking location (that might narrow it down) that has passed out because he gave blood today and just could not resist the urge to exercises his penis. I’m sure they will understand.

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Dude I actually got an erection like 2 hours after I gave blood and it was still rock hard. But I was kind of dizzy but I was fully awake when I got one because I was surprised. I went on and jelqed that day and a few days after while taking a break today.

Your not gonna end up with a 1 incher if you don`t do your routine, thats for sure ;)

Just make sure thereĀ“s room for it!

Replenishing the blood platelets takes a fairly long time - that’s why you’re only allowed to donate every 3 months. But your blood volume is up to full within very short time, less than 24 hrs I believe (westla?) since your blood system stocks up on water quickly. Which is why you are allowed to donate blood serum every two weeks.

regards, mgus

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