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Doing right?

Doing right?


Started the newbie routine and followed it almost thoroughly (I skip the warmup parts - warm shower does seem to do it’s trick for me).
I am just curious of some things.

Are there any symptoms that shows if I am doing it right and wrong for except spots and bruises or do I get the results later on (negative/positive pe)?
I’m also curious if the Penis have to be a little bit swollen each time after a session, is this actually a good sign or a bad sign?
When I was about to complete my jelqing session (around 180 jelqs) I felt a stingy feeling or maybe even burning feeling on the left side of penis, I am not sure what it was but I noticed I was a bit red underneat the base of the shaft near the scrotum, maybe I just accidently pulled a hair? It was worrying me a bit though because it became worse and worse but I managed to do all 200 of them. I don’t feel any stingy/burning feeling now though, it seems it went away pretty fast.

I’m also curious if it’s good if I switch from OK grip to Overhand OK grip each 50th jelq and should I take any small pauses in the jelqing sessions and if my erection is falling (I have hard time noticing this many times :/) is it ok if I release all grips and concentrate on the erection?

I guess that is all my questions for now :) .

Thanks for an awesome forum ;) !

It sounds as if you are slightly over doing it. Many guys have to build up to 200 jelqs; it’s better to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Burning sensations are not good. If you get close to that, stop immediately. Spots and bruises are not good either; they are a sign you are gripping too hard or working at too high an erection level.

Your penis should hang fuller for a little while after a good PE session, but ‘swollen’ may be a bit extreme.

Read the thread on PI’s (Physiologic Indicators) it’s under ‘Recent Articles’ on the left side of the home page.

Use whatever grip gives you the best jelq. It is OK to take brief breaks or pauses during a session. Someone recently described grip correct strength like ‘trying to use the OK grip to remove runny honey from a stick’ and I thought that was a good description.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks a lot :) . Ok I will stop if I feel that burning again. I’ve noticed I get spots if I have too much erection but I think I’ve found the right erection level since I’m not getting any spots anymore.

Well it’s not swollen, just a little bit thicker but not much hehe. Sorry if implied that it was SWOLLEN lol.
I’ve found the standard OK grip pretty good, or at least it seems good. I mix with Overhand OK grip because I read that it’s good if you rotate your grip or change your jelqing technique to make sure you work on most muscles on the penis. But you think it’s okay if I only do standard OK grip - it feels really easy to do? Overhand OK grip does seem less effective somehow - feels like I get less strength in my grip.

And I’m still unsure how much pressure I need to give my grips, I do it pretty hard (my penis feels so soft somehow, like nothing happens if I do it with less strength) but it does not hurt in any way and I don’t get any bruises or any busted blood veins but maybe I should tone down on the pressure?

I will check that Recent Articles now, thanks for the heads up :) .


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