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Doing newbie routine but unit wants more

Doing newbie routine but unit wants more

Hi everybody this is my first post here. I’ve been reading and searching these forums for quite some time now. Lots of good info here. Thanks.

Now my question is, I have been doing the newbie routine for about 1 1/2 months. I have seen some gains I’m about 7 1/4” BPEL and 5 1/4” EG now. My start stats were about 6 7/8” BPEL and 5” EG. I now am doing 5 min of 30 sec. Stretches in all directions and 15 min of wet Jelqs. But my unit seems to want more I have nothing but positive PI’s. I usually do my PE at night before bed, and when I wake up in the morning my unit is still engorged and heavy and is like that all day. Now I don’t want to over train but it seems like I could do a little more. What would your recommendations be??


If it’s responding to what you are doing to it… then I wouldn’t change the routine too much. I’d add maybe 3-5 min extra minutes in the jelq routine every other week, until you’re around 30 min jelqing. That time amount seemed to be my magic number.

I’d only change the routine if it was no longer productive. You’re gaining- that’s what matters :)

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Thanks. I just don’t want to hurt my buddy. That’s why I asked.

Originally Posted by sf93
Thanks. I just don’t want to hurt my buddy. That’s why I asked.

That’s the right mindframe. It’s when you get greedy for any type of a fast gain - things go wrong and you end up hurt.

Ever read the injuries forum? Most of them are from people pushing themselves past the safety zone for the sake of making a fast gain (i.e. doing too many repetitions too soon, trying to clamp w/ out working up to 10 min, etc.)

Always remember with PE “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Don’t increase much until you hit the 3 months of steady PE. Do this to condition your penis for advanced exercises.

What you can do now, with the knowledge of all positive PI, is increase jelqing time and stretching time slowly. The suggestion of Wt282 to increase jelqing with 5 minutes every other week is a little much in my opinion. Add 1 minute instead. Add 10 seconds of stretching every other week too. Do this in every direction.

Success and give this thread a bump when you hit the 3 months.

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