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Does your women notice your gains


Originally Posted by The Outsider
My girlfriend never noticed my length gains at all - or at least never commented on them. Perhaps that may be because I was already plenty long to begin with. Paradoxically, I seem to bottom out a lot less at 8BPEL than I did at 7BPEL, but she also seems to enjoy the whole event a lot less now than she used to. Color me confused.

As for girth, well.. I got none and I can’t seem to get any. And that’s what she needs. Frankly, it’s what we both need in order to enjoy things properly, and I have no doubt that she’d notice it and comment on it if I managed to gain that way. Wish I knew the girth deity’s address so I could FedEx him a blood sacrifice or something.

Teach her kegels!! It made a world of difference for me and my wife and she is so turned on when she hears me telling her how tight she is now. Instant wet!

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8

Yes kegels for the wife or gf is the way to go. Sex feels better for my gf and I since I introduced her to kegels.

Woman should make their pussys tighter! Look at Thunders over 140,000 members pulling on their dick to make it big when women could just kegel and solve most of our insecurities!

First Measurement November 1 2009: EBPL 7.5

Current Measurement June 1st 2010: EBPL 8.0

Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches || EBPL Long Term Goal:9 inches EBPL

I don’t want my girlfriend to do kegels. Then she want notice my gains.

Goal 2016: 10" stretched length, 10" pumped, 8" flaccid.

Flaccid pictures

Erect pictures

Apparently, my girth got a bit larger along with my glans (haven’t measured, will measure until later on).

She noticed

So I started PE’ing about two weeks ago. I started slowly but have ramped up quite a bit. I read about toughening etc. I’m 34 and wake up every morning with wood and randomly get erections so I figured my unit was pretty “fit”. I added pumping 3 days ago.

Last night I was upstairs to work on our 2nd apartment kitchen and got to get in a session. When I went downstairs everyone was asleep including my wife on the couch. I got our ruby ring (vibrating cock ring) and proceeded to slowly caress my wifes legs. Little by little she began to wake up. I slid her gym shorts and panties down and gave her a nice long licking. I wanted to make sure she was good and ready. I know pumping and jumping right into sex is kind of PE cheating but it was totally worth it. As I slid inside her she let out a very distinct “oooh!” I was like “SHE CAN TELL.” I really loved that. So we fucked like that for about 10 minutes. She told me to roll over and let her on top. I did and when she went to climb on she made more of an inspection. She grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times and came right out and said “Wow you feel bigger, like really thick tonight” with that eager loook in her eyes she climbed on and road my new and improved cock. It was fantastic.

I’m hooked. All I want to do is PE now. It’s like she was into having a different cock.. In a twisted way it’s like she’s cheating on me with me!!

Keep the faith my brohams!


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