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Does what I'm doing have a name?

Does what I'm doing have a name?

So, I have been doing this technique for the past week.

What I have noticed is that if I grasp my shaft with an underhand grip (thumb up), in an erect state and squeeze very hard that my penis loses a bit of its oval shape and bcomes more round. It also forces the blood laterally and causes my length to increase by about .25”.

Does what I am doing have a name?

I was thinking that this could be lengthening my tunica, as the blood inside the penis is being forced out, toward the glans. Whenever I do this my girth gets huge and my glans expands as I do a kegel to force blood into the penis. The result is the complete filling of the corpus spongiosum at the base. I am sure there is probably a name for the exercise I am doing, I just wanted to check.

What are the benefits of doing this exercise?

Sounds like manual clamping to me.

The benefits would in theory be the same as for clamping, only my guess is that you can’t hold it properly engorged for 10 minutes?

regards, mgus

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I am applying the grip mid-shatf and on the sides. The top has no pressure applied to it. The bottom has minimal pressure applied.

That is how I jelq


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