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Does underwear effect size

Does underwear effect size

Just curious if what underwear is worn effect size. I have heard that tight underwear can effect sperm count. Whether true or not is a myth.


Originally Posted by piercedprivates
Just curious if what underwear is worn effect size. I have heard that tight underwear can effect sperm count. Whether true or not is a myth.


Hi Tim. Welcome here. I think most guys would agree that boxers are preferable for flaccid hang because they let big Jim and the Twins hang down relatively unimpaired.

As for erect size, underwear probably doesn’t matter that much. However, there’s been a lot of discussion about the benefits of keeping the cock in at least a lightly-stretched or semi-engorged after a workout. So, tighty-whities might keep the cock too constrained when it’s best to let it hang loose, or looser. Check out these threads for some related discussion:

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Too-tight underwear can reduce sperm count. Optimally, sperm likes to be a few degrees cooler than your body temperature. When your balls are forced up towards your abdomen, the spermies get all warm and slow and less enthused about going egg hunting.

Agreed on flaccid. I noticed things hanging loose after switching to boxers a few years ago. I wouldn’t go back. The only drawback is that boxers have a lot more material to stuff in your pants, which can make an ass look dumpy in the wrong pants.

Also tighty whiteys squish your dick and it looks as though you don’t have on, and we wouldn’t want that lol, and yea boxers are much free.

I know I’m in the minority here but I hate wearing boxers. I can’t stand that loose feeling. I’ve started wearing the boxer/brief. Not quite as tight fitting as straight briefs but not as loose as boxers.

Looser fitting boxer/briefs are the way to go. You have more structure around your butt and thighs when wearing pants, but your dick and balls can still hang freely without being restricted. You’ll get a better flaccid hang over time.

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What do you mean underwear?

I thought underwear was only for children under 12.

Well, I suppose if you have to wear underwear Fruit Of The Loom would be what you would need to wear to get gains, right? Like having a cornucopia of cock…

What am I saying? I don’t know. As long as it sounds good I don’t care.

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Boxers are better makes you package look fuller

Until PE, I’ve always had a tight sac and still struggle with it to an extent. I grew up in the era of tighty whiteys, bikini briefs and wranglers (we wore them painted on, with a skoal ring of course).

My kids have grown up in the era of boxers and baggy pants. Every one of them has a long hanging sac.

Can’t help but wonder if the “tight” era had an effect on my ball sac.

I switched to boxers and loose fitting jeans years ago and would never go back now.

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