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Does Underwear affect PE

Does Underwear affect PE

I was wondering whether the type of underwear you wear would affect PE ?
Factors such as whether you wear boxer shorts or undies (that are slightly tight) or just comfortable.
Then there are moments where if you’re wearing briefs and where you feel like your penis is going to rip out of your pants and it’s being strainfully restricted. Same goes for just wearing boxers, but your crotch is practically free and unrestricted all the time.

But yeah overall my question is .. Are boxers better than undies for PE ?

Because at one stage I use to always wear boxer shorts, then just recently I changed back to wearing undies all the time.

Originally Posted by rebirth
But yeah overall my question is .. Are boxers better than undies for PE ?

There is an answer in your question . Try to wear boxers after a session of PEing. Let the boys free and they will thank you with an extra 1/128 inch :D .

But seriously, I switch to boxers 3 years ago, and certainly notice a better flaccid state. Try boxers for 6 months, then change to briefs another 6 months, then you will know ;)

First of all, men do not call them undies lol. To be honest, it makes no difference, although boxers would be a better idea. Don’t want it to be too tight.


I stopped wearing briefs last year and now I switched to boxer-briefs. It gave me more room for my nut sack.

I wear both boxers and briefs. I don’t think wearing either or will make a huge difference. As long as your briefs or undies aren’t way to tight.

I have to say though that boxers feel a lot better after a good PE workout. But ladies seem to find briefs sexy so I have to keep wearing them.

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Big z I’ve always preferred briefs and felt like if anything girls probably prefer boxers. What kind of briefs do you wear that women find sexier, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m sure they don’t find plain tighty whities sexier, but I can’t seem to find any briefs that I think look a whole lot better.

I wear boxer briefs. Usually in dark colors. For some reason the white ones arent attractive. Not sure why.

Just standard fruit of the loom boxer briefs.

Although woman do say that boxers look better on heavier set men.

Search. Read. Learn. Apply. Make weener bigger........Eventually reach goal of giant weener

:Up: I haven’t got a pair of boxer briefs yet, so maybe I’ll go buy a pair and try them out. Then just wear boxers/boxer briefs when I do PE and just change to briefs when I go out.

Thanks :D

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I tried a couple pairs of boxer briefs just to see what they were like since at least they aren’t bulky and bunch up, etc the way boxers do. However, as a life-long briefs wearer, they felt like a bunch of unnecessary material. I remember wondering what the hell was the point of them when they function the same as briefs but have a bunch of in my mind at the time) pointless extra material extending down the legs. I think you are right though that women think they are cooler or more fashionable or something. Oh well, I was hoping you had a briefs recommendation that was proven sexy to the ladies for me hah. Guess I’m just going to stick to the Walmart and Target generic coloreds.

I remember earlier this year I bought a truckload of boxier briefs and guess what? I’m wearing midnight black boxers now. The ones with the tight elastic strap around the waist. My flaccid hangs a lot lower than it did. The B-B always had some odd ways of bunching up. Guess I’ll have to give them to Goodwill…

Gravity clearly causes everything to sag. This is a good thing in PE but consider how long it normally takes to effect your ears. I am convinced the effect of both PE and maximizing gravitational effects on the penis is synergistic particularly when the PE temporarily increases the weight of the penis such as in clamping and pumping.

The boxer verses briefs discussion is really one of function. Your balls are on the outside of the body for a reason that means they don’t enjoy being smashed back into it. On the other hand they enjoy high impact activities less than your joints do. So the important thing is to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Underwear has several functions that relate to form.
1 make it so you don’t have to wash your pants so often.
2. have more comfortable fabric next to your most sensitive parts, less chafing.
3. have more absorbent clothing next to sweaty crevices preventing heat rash a crotch rot.
4. Stabilize moving penis and balls to prevent chafing.
5. Support balls protecting them from jarring and lift them out of the battle zone.

There are style functions that are not important to this discussion. Really a woman who prefers boxers to briefs will be more impressed by the style than the cut I would think. In other words I think it is the cut prints that boxers have not the cut that they care about.

Brief only men are clearly people who are comfortable with functional hybrids that don’t do anything well but are almost never wholly inadequate.

I am a no brief man. When I want support I go for a jock most jocks are designed so they lift the balls up and out providing the best support possible while not smashing them into the body. However, unless you need them for the extra support and prevention of heat rash, chafing and similar ilk they are not that comfortable. When I don’t need support I find boxers allow that comfortable freedom that is unsurpassed. There is no extra material in a boxer. I have worn some that had to little. The more material the better they stay in place. Boxer briefs are hybrids that are worth it if your pants are too tight. Too tight as in they should not be that tight for your comfort and sperm count. However if you are into biking or need to show off your but (who cares if what your sperm count is if you never get any) then they may be well worth it.

But to each his own. I can understand that one may not want to change underwear several times a day if one has a verity of needs so all the hybrids and extreme specialization have their place for some men. Many men do not know the wide range of cuts available:
One model in particular might be of interest to the PE er that wants some support for the balls but underwear is getting in the way of an ADS or as I do have pumped my penis up to the point were the weight acts like an ADS.
So check this out:…asp?Sku=2005411
there is also a thong version though not on that web page.

I have not tried the suspension jock so any one who has I would be interested in there review.

Geez, I never knew there were so many well known underwear brands :eek:

Once I saw that site, I just thought man I’ve never heard of that many brands and decided to

Search online if Australia has any because I never really see them in shops.

I found a website called it doesn’t have has a large range of product as

America > < , man how I wished I lived there somtimes.

Australia’s also got Aussiebum

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