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Does tribulus do anything for penis size

Does tribulus do anything for penis size

Hey people

I’m thinking about taking some tribulus terrestris products for my weight training. I’ve read that taking tribulus provides more testosterone in the body - which can affect the size of the penis.

Because my limp penis is VERY small (2 inches, although my erect penis is better at 5 inches) I’m thinking that I need more testosterone in my body. I’m actually quite hairy and generally well built, but my penis obviously lacks the growth hormone. Has anyone tried any tribulus products and do they work? Which ones are the best?

Also what about anabolic steroids or things like HGH?


Do a search.

Careful there, I think that testosterone, anabolic steroids, etc. Can actually produce shrinkage of your genitals!! You should probably go speak with your Doctor about all this in conjunction with your concerns about your genital size. By the way, between 5 to 6 inches is the average length for an erect penis.

have you started doing conventional PE? Surely if you already do weight training then PE is just one more discipline to take on. Putting it bluntly, there are NO magic bullets; no steroids, no tablets, no creams and no vitamins or supplements that will grow your dick.

The one and only game in town is consistent and persistent PE training (starting with the Newbie program).

Oh and if you want to make your unit look bigger instantly, trim your pubes (you mentioned being very hairy).


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Tribulus helped me with erection quality and frequency and that’s about it.

Do a search.

However, if my memory is correct, tribulus terrestris has been known to increase testosterone production, increase semen volume, increase sex drive and increase irritability. Result vary, obviously. I believe the increase in irritability cause most people to stop taking this supplement. You are more likely to snap at little things, which causes problems.

There is no magic pill/herb/patch to increase penis size. If there were, every guy would have a 12 inch cock. There are only PE “exercises.”

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I did a search and this is what I found:

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Tribulus, for me, is effective at increasing libido and helping produce rock hard erections. There are many tribulus products out there. The only ones that produced the results I mentioned were Tribex 500, the one by Syntrax (I can’t recall the name), and the generic powder from beyond-a-century. There may be others, but those I have personally used with good results. Again, no size increase, but better erection quality and crazy libido.

By the way, testosterone and other anabolic steroids can result in smaller testicles, but they do not cause shrinkage in the penis itself. There is anti-steroid propaganda out there, which suggest such an effect, but it is untrue. I know this for fact. GH may have some application, but I don’t think so, again from personal experience. I do believe that GH helped me to avoid shrinkage when I was away from PE for over three years.

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