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Does tiredness and stress decrease gains

Does tiredness and stress decrease gains

I’m working and in school with major exams coming up. Anyway, I’m about three days into PE and with everything else going on I can’t seem to get as hard as when I took my first measurements.
I’m coming up a bit short at BPEL 7.5, NBPEL 7.
I’m just not as rock hard because of stress and the anxiety of not being able to get as hard as I used to. I’m still stretching (while mostly flaccid) and jelqing away but I’m wondering if my PE work will “stick” if I’m not at my peak in erection levels?

My morning wood is way stronger then what it used to be so my EQ is getting better regardless, and that’s reassuring me.
I’ll post pictures if I find the time tonight or tomorrow.

03/04/12 BPEL 7.7 NBPEL 7.1 EG 4.8 05/05/12 BPEL 8 NBPEL 7.5 EG 5.1

Short term Goal: BPEL 8.5 NBEL 8 Long term Goal: BPEL 9 NBPEL 8.5 <-Hope to reach that in about a year.

I'm going to up the intensity and hit PE hard!

Its just like working out your body. You need proper sleep for your muscles to regenerate once you tear them apart from working them out. Cell growth requires proper sleep and to limit stress. I’ve noticed differences in erection quality and size because I work overnight from when I would get real good sleep. I’m not saying it won’t work and you won’t grow, but as much as you work on your PE, you should also work on getting sleep.

In other words if its late and your have to wake up in 7 hours and have’nt PE’d, I think it would be more beneficial to spend that time trying to sleep instead of doing your 30 minutes or hour of PE. Sleep is key in many things in life. Stress levels, muscle gain, weight gain, hair loss. Keep the stress down and the sleep as good as you can.


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