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Does This New Size Make A Difference

Does This New Size Make A Difference

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering, all you guys that started off with an average penis say 6 inches x 4.5 inches. You guys that have gained a couple of inches in length and an inch in girth. Does it make a difference to you when making love?

My girlfriend has no complaints about my size and says it fills her up, and she is tight enough I suppose. But I’m doing pe for me just for me.

But I’m sure it will fill better for me when I’m filling her up more, and can feel her pussy gripping me tightly.

What do you fellas say?

Oh I ask again, anyone no a good website where to get theraband and captn’s wench materials from? I’m from the uk, we don’t have a wallmart, you Americans get all the good shops!

Hey gonabbiger, if you find that you don’t get many replies to this it’s because it’s a topic that has discussed a lot on many threads.

I haven’t got a steady girl, at the moment, but I think you’ll find that generally the answer is ‘Yes!!’

I suggest you do a search for this topic, and you’ll find a wealth of material on it.



I have not got any gains from PE but I once fucked my girlfriend after a pumping session. my dicks girth was then 0,5inch bigger than its real size and it felt fucking amazing. this happened tre years ago and I cant forget the feeling. I gues thats why I still try to get gains from PE despite zero gains so far.

I am 20 and my girlfriend noticed my new size and likes it. I never told her about pe and said that my dick may still grow. I feel much better with my new size and so I think also my lovemaking got much better.

Started-Oct04: 5.7/4.8; Current 6.7/5.3

Learning even more about PE(nearly every day)

Changing routine, Current: jelqing, clamping, obends, kegel

I like the feel of a bigger penis but the most important part to me is that my wife really likes the added size.

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