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Does this mean I'm on the right track

Does this mean I'm on the right track

Ok so peep it, I’ve been hanging around for a month or two and gaining as much knowledge as I can and I’ve been doing the newbie routine for a few weeks now. I know it hasn’t been very long so I am not expecting any gains yet. I can’t wait til any gains from PE start rolling in, it will change my life. I just want to make sure that I am experience positive indicators, so I know I am doing everything right thus far. I think deep down I am just scared that for some reason or another PE will not affect me, that would be the kind of luck I have. My flaccid hang is noticeably bigger. Longer and thicker. However, I’m not too concerned with that, I just want erect gains. But does this mean that I am on the right path thus far? Or does this mean basically nothing except that stretching and jelqing have increased my flaccid hang? I just want to make sure I’m on the right track and that it is indeed truly possible for me to put on length and girth. I’m 7x5 right now. Girth being more important to me at the moment. Thanks for any feedback fellas!

Sounds like things are going the right way BD. Don’t get in a hurry, you could hurt yourself if you are impatient.

Thanks westla. Yeah I’ve read plenty about injuring myself, I am doing my best to make sure that does not happen. I understand this can take some time, patience is not something I am good at! I just wanted to make sure I was on the right track, if not I would like to fix any problems now so I don’t waste weeks or months doing things the wrong way. Thanks again!


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