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Does this do anything

Does this do anything

Get fully erect, put a tourniquet grip at base.. Wait .. Soon blood were grip is is forced to move away into the upper shaft.. Penis becomes large with extra blood.. Does this do anything? I’m basically just holding blood into the shaft with my hand.

I believe what you are doing is called a “uli.” With enough of it done, I’m sure the tunica will stretch and expand to allow more blood flow. Consider looking into clamping because it has the same idea behind it.


I was looking at the tutorials.. And a ULI, you go forward.. And there is no clamp tutorial.

This is a ULI you are doing.

Try this. Make the grip with the ok sign and your palm facing the head of your dick. Grip as you explained and now take your middle, ring and pinkey fingers and squeeze just a bit on the engorged shaft. Hold this grip for 30 seconds and then do it with the other hand. Do five in each hand. You will probably find your girth increase nicely in the next few weeks if you add this to your routine. Please be very careful when doing these. There is a lot of pressure and you don’t want the head of your dick to popp off!


Yeah, since I start fully erect, it hurts like bloody hell (pun intended) .. Is it possible for it to explode ?

I don’t do them fully erect. 50-75%. Gives me a little variance to play with. I am just to paranoid to do anything 100% erect except fuck. I don’t think it would explode but some serious damage could occur.


I do uli’s to get an erection, it’s cool inspite of last month I’ve gotten girth, overall I’m girthier than when I started. Once the erection is full I back off let calm down, then I do it again. Do jelq squeezez to.

Is girthier really a word? If not, it should be. Anyway I’ve been gradually starting to do ULIs and in addition to more girth I’ve gotten some HUGE veins showing on the sides of my dick. It looks awesome! They bulge out most all of the time. now, too. Not just when I do ULIs.

I just noticed, this is the Extreme ULI by Piet, except I use my hand, and only hold for about 45 seconds. Can I get any length from this or it’s pure girth exercise?

Hey guys, can one of you explain how many repetitions and set you should do? I’ve been PEing for almost a month now and am only doing the newbie routine w/ the exception of 300 jelgs w/ massage oil. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


Originally Posted by richandreward
Is it possible for it to explode ?

The other mods assure me that it is not, I do not believe them. Be carefull you only have one penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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