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Does the BTC Stretch, effect the Tunica or .LOT theory involved

Does the BTC Stretch, effect the Tunica or .LOT theory involved

Does the BTC Stretch, effect the Tunica or the long ligaments like stretched when pulling down. I’m thinking it’s more of a tunica exercise.I’ve just looked at the LOT theory and it’s really interesting. My tugback stops at a high number, like 10 or 11 (according to the clock) and it states ‘potential for quick and easy gains from low hanging and stretching is optimal’ so would that include BTC stretching or not?

Also just started to fowfer.It feels really odd on my balls, not comfortable at all. Is that normal, something I’ll get used to or what.I do want children someday.

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Does someone want to answer this or comment at least

Maybe you don’t get answer because members thinks: “What has this man that he can’t use the search function?”. Try searching for threads with “BTC stretch*” and “LOT” in the title.

Forget about the LOT theory IMO.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Anyone else think the LOT theory isn’t useful? I mean I haven’t been gaining to much but then haven’t been doing the exercises exactly right. Pretty much got then down now though. Still would help if I knew what exercises to concentrate most on



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