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Does size stay??...

Does size stay??...

Im a new member to the force, so to speak ;)
I live in sweden have a lenght of bout 8”
and a LOT wich is about 11

I’ve read around on this site for couple of days now,
and i must say om really facinated by PE’ing

Although i do not know if i would be persistent enough
to do this, if ill get tierd of doing PE’ing after a time…

But the big question i need to ask is, does size stay??
I mean, if i stop PE’ing??

BTW GREAT! forum I salute you!!!

//B.R. spacerat

If you continue long enough, the gains will be “cemented”, which means that they will stay.

But even if you were to lose some of your gained size, you’d still be big, since you’re already starting at 8” :P. My 2 cents; you probably don’t need PE =).

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

ohh okey, well, maybe ill start then, :P
i practised some exercises yester day..

Another question then, will you get
the same amount of lenght gain if you..

For example, jelq 4times one week..
or one time for 4 weeks??

//Best regards.

Best to jelq regularly, for some period. Irregular PE doesn’t really do a lot.

Okey, thx for the answears, your great, dudes!!
Keep rocking!


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