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Does size is related to the nose


I had a roommate that had a huge nose. He got any women he wanted. They loved him, he had a different women every weekend. And I mean hot very hot women.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Isnt penis related to earlobes.

Because there isnt little ear big penis porn star.

Sorry,not earlobes , ear length and girth

Cosmetic surgery is there anyway if you -really- dislike your nose shape/size.

They say the same thing about noses in Japan. I sometimes feel like they look at me a certain way because I’ve got a bit of a schnoze myself.

Starting point (15 May 2011) BPE = 7.55", EG = 5.75" (biggest part at middle), EG = 5.55" (at base) EQ = Bad/low

Interim goal (ie. I would be highly satisfied with the following) BPE = 8.5", EG = 6.5" (at base), EQ = High

Long term goal (ie. It would be nice but I wouldn't be disappointed if I didnt get there and I wouldn't want to go beyond this)BPE = 9",EG = 7"

I wish the two were related. :P

I’ve got a Roman nose…it’s roamin’ all over my face.

And, coincidentally I had a pretty big pre-PE dick.

But I wouldn’t draw any sort of statistical conclusions about it.

2/11/11: 7.75" BPEL, 6" BSEG, 5.5" MSEG

6/4/11: 8.4" BPEL, 6.375" BSEG, 5.8" MSEG

Just started again, another new measurement coming soon; I'm pretty close to that June '11 though.


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