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Does running shrinks penis?

Does running shrinks penis?

As topic suggested, do you guys think running or jogging shrinks penis?
Does the exercise actually tighten our lig n tunice?

I have been doing PE for 3 months and i’m an avid runner. I run at least thrice a week.
Recently I bought a Max Xtender and has included it in my PE routine.

Normally I’m able to fix at the 4th hole for my Max Xtender, but whenever after my running session and then move on the use my Max Xtender I can only fix at 2nd hole!

This is so demoralising! :(

I’ve wondered the same thing. I notice the shrinking after I get off the treadmill. However, since I started PE about 2 months ago I seems to be less noticeable. I think it may have more to do with temperature that the actual running, though.

Jogging, or any continued exercise, shrinks flaccid size. This is one of those evolutionary physiological responses designed to protect the penis, which bounds back to regular after we rest and are no longer pumping adrenalin, and some other stuff.



When you exercise, your muscles need the blood more than your penis and your body, in all of it’s wisdom, puts the blood where it’s needed.

Jogging equals a healthy heart. Vascular system is good thus. So, if anything, you’re going to get better boners.

gprent is correct. Exercise (running, lifting, etc.) diverts a lot of blood to your muscles…away from your wang.

Nothing to be concerned about.

After exercise, just shake it a bit, circular motions and bang, big flaccid uncle is back.

I find after using the cross country machine theres no better time to do PE as you get alot of blood pumping down there.

Yeah spinning, running or any physical exercise will do that since your skeletal muscles require more blood than your reproductive organs/digestive system at that time. It’s called sympathetic stimulation or “fight or flight”. I’m also a 21 year old marathon runner and I have the same issues.

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I lift and run a lot and I had the same concerns. Thankfully, in my experience, I shrink during the workout and return to normal a few minutes post workout. I think you’ll be just fine.

Originally Posted by thatthickunit
Jogging equals a healthy heart. Vascular system is good thus. So, if anything, you’re going to get better boners.

That’s what I was thinking.

I’ve recently started doing weights and cardio in hopes of increasing my circulation and testosterone production. Sometimes I can’t get as fully hard as I want when doing girth exercises, so I started exercising in hopes that this would fix the problem.

If it does shrink flaccid size, I don’t really notice. I usually do a couple of bathroom stretches after I urinate to make sure my ligs stay nice and loose anyway.

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If any thing any form of cardiovascular activity is beneficial to penis enlargement

An hour jog and than a dip in the cold pool is always a good way not to impress people with your flaccid hang.

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Healthier heart equals better circulation,so better erections I think.

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