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Does race matter?

Does race matter?

Hey everyone, its me again. This time I just want to point out a question that probably most of you thought about for at least once in you head and would like to discuss about it and find out the answer. The question is, Does race matter in PE? Me myself often think about this question, I’m an Asian with a size of 5.8 EL and I’m not ashame to tell you guys about it since everything on this website is based on trust, so I wish everyone on this forum is honest about what they say.( Plus, it’ll get bigger anyways=) Anyways, back to the topic, I’ve read some articles and I do know for a fact that Race does matter on the initial penis size, Black African American would have the largest penis then its Caucasian(white), then Asian. But does this mean that it will also affect PE? Or would it just be the same? I just want to hear everyones opinion on this topic. Hope this thread can help some of the people who thought of the same question as me.

Oh shit.

Darker skin color should hide bruising better.

Dude, I hope that race doesn’t matter in PE, I being Asian myself.

Before this turns into another long discussion about penis size and race (again!) let me say this:

No, race has no bearing on the final outcome. Guys who start smaller can be as big or bigger as those who start larger. The outcome depends on many things, but mostly on your dedication to the task. If you don’t work at it, it won’t happen.

I don’t think it does TCL28 because all dicks are basically the same, they work the same way and have the same stuff in them. The only difference would be that Asians are generally smaller to begin with.

Start (2.5 weeks ago): 7.65 BP x 4.75

Now: 8.25 BP x 4.875


Yguy is a good example of someone who started out much smaller then me and now is currently about my size whereas I have gained very, very little… I think it’s been more then demonstrated that guys who start out on the small size of average gain on the average much faster then guys who start out bigger.. Just my .02 but I’m sure of it..


I’m Asian as well, but I measure at a decent 6.25” NBPEL. I’ve only started PEing 2 days ago so I’ll be looking for gains a little later.

I agree with gunit.

No race doesnt matter, nothing matters if you’re the bigger guy, regardless of color

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Here is what I HAVE heard.

And this is probably false and wrong so don’t jump on my case, just stating something I heard several years back.

That typically, penis size in a particular race is associated with both partners. Meaning, african american woman on avg have deeper and larger vaginas. Hence, african american men tend to be larger then average. Could be wrong though, don’t quote me.

Asian women supposidily have smaller/tigher vaginas. Hence, asian men tend to be smaller then average. Could be wrong though, don’t quote me.

Those two examples are “suppose” to represent the two sides of the spectrum whereas Caucasians would be considered “average” in comparison to african americans and asians in terms of size.

So think of it as a small, medium, large type of scale.

Now, honestly, I don’t think I believe that. I think it’s all relative and that no one race is bigger then the other. I mean, if african americans are “really much larger” then other people, then that builds on the hype about “big black dick” type of genre and I would think that could play in a negative way if a black guy isn’t ” hanging” if you know what I mean.

I think it’s just associated with actual height and body style. I mean, I “think” that asians are often smaller in height, whites are average height, and blacks are larger. But unfortuntely, you can’t associate height with penis size. No connection I believe.

But I am just rambling, I am just saying some stuff I heard a while back.

I am probably wrong.

Originally Posted by Insane_Man
Oh shit.

Can’t blame you for that reaction. I for one intend to leave this thread alone :) .—- I’ve been there done that.

Or should I say I’m beenthere done that. Damn, I need to come up with a more creative handle.

Race has about as much affect as height from what I’ve seen. Some people think otherwise, you’ve obviously heard lots of rumours about all black guys are hung, etc. The average difference is less then half an inch AFIAK and no one has investigated how well PE increases depending on race, I assume everyone has an equal chance there.


!No diseque sus testículos!

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