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Does putting pressure on testicles have any bad effects

Does putting pressure on testicles have any bad effects

I tried using golf weights as an ads for the first time yesterday, and I noticed that as I sat down, the golf weights would rest on my testicles, or if they weren’t resting on my testicles, they would still add weight on them, so I would always feel pressure no matter what while I sat. I was just curious if this would have any adverse affects, because if I were to use golf weights as an ads, I would be sitting down most of the time, and I really don’t want anything bad to happen..

This is probably a very noob question and sorry, but this is something I can’t risk.


Not so much a really noobie question, but lets think about it instead. I use golf weights as well. They work quite well for me.

If you’re using the golf weights then you’re essentially using weight and thus gravity. Sitting down with them on would seem to defeat their purpose. The weight isn’t pulling, it’s being rested on something. In this case your balls. Personally I find it uncomfortable. If you’re forced to sit all day and want to use golf weights, then you’ll have to find a way to position yourself so that your dick can hang free down the side of your pants leg or something. The whole idea is to use the weight to stretch/pull the penis.

I don’t know about adverse effects, but as I mentioned it’s damn uncomfortable at times. I reckon eventually your nuts may get sore. Medical adverse effects? I can’t answer that one.

On a side note: Golf weights will give me a great flaccid hang, and I hope they’re increasing the erect length as well. They are however, the one PE routine that will tire my dick out to the point of getting and maintaining an erection difficult for the rest of the day. The next day is where I see the benefits.

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