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Does protein help any

Does protein help any

I go to the gym 5 times a week, I have a protein rich diet also because of this. I know the protein help to rebuild my muscles after workouts. Would the protein rich diet also aid in rebuilding my penile muscle aswell? It makes sense, just thought I would get some insight

Well you’re not really working muscle, you’re tearing and rebuilding collagen (and some elastin), which is built from protein. I think it might help and had most of my gains when I was on a heavy protein diet. I also took dietary silicon supplements because that’s used to build collagen and elastin. I’ve fallen off the weight gainer horse, though. :/

That’s cool, I hear ya. I wonder if you lose gains achieved from PE after you’ve quit PE, does anyone know?

Basically everyone is different. While you may gain with exercises that others don’t respond to, you may lose or keep your gains after you stop. Many stay on a maintenance/light routine after stopping.

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Honestly I use protein after PE like I would a normal workout. Protein is in your diet to help repair damaged tissue, whether it be your muscles or your dick.

Also, the main ingredient in most of those mainstream “natural penis” tablets such as enzyte is l-arginine which is an amino acid in protein. I find that protein gives a bit of a “pump” even without PE.

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