Does PEing and Ball stretching interfere

Hello, been Way for a few yrs. Sick and tired of a short penis and NO balls. I want to know if, started stretchering my penis, and want to do the same for my ball sack would it interfere ?
I would be nice to have a penis and balls to match. Have pics but upload tomorrow.
I started with x4labs but hurt, and after a few months I stopped, I tried and started with sizegenetics as per our host, so far day 2 all is great.
For my size stretched 13mm
Flaccid 11.5mm
Girth 9mm
Scrotum (for weight) 14mm
Weight 183
Height 5’8”
Time stamp 8:34 EST

The next question I have, is that reading threads found people wanting to know about the Zinnger, I have that info, can I post it? Where to buy cheaply, and what it can do

Thank you
Let me know