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Does PE work

Hi guys.About PE : works not works.Some consideration.
Maybe should be better if tell you something about my works.
I’m a Psichologist and Psicotherapy, Freudian too. Many years of my life I past to accept (strenuously) the dimension of my penis( 7x 41/2) and look other guys in gym and beach. But it’s difficult for me. I know, my works say so, that the problem about his dimension it’s, often, only psichologic and, an expression of other insecurity like to be strong, able. Exactly my condition. I’m agree, but not totally: you can accept, sure, but it’s different from to be. And I want to be, not accept!
I’m a Psichology, not medical, but many aspect of the human anatomy we had study too. My works consist in be attempt to every little modification, sound, expression.
Penis it’s not a muscle, absolutely, but like every tissue (skin, bone, muscle), it’s able to extend his dimension, if need it.
2 years ago an aesthetic medic, friend of mine, make me a lipofilling in my penis (he take my fat from abdominal region, and put it under skin of my penis, to increase girth). Result?
Better girth when flaccid and some result during erection. Better, but not clamorous. Increase my self estimate, yes, sure. But.. The weight of the fat in my penis has extended it. He told me. Every day my penis is stimulated and I gain 1 inch in lenght (and an half inch in girth). Attention: 1 inch more for 5-6 gr of fat, not 1 pound.

Besides I notice too that my cousin after 2 years driving cross motorbike in mountain racetrack, acquire a different aspect of his hand: vein and muscle has been big, large, solid:muscle of his hand, infact, to support the stress of the race became more big, and the vein too, to bring a more amount of blood. Look the hand who work strongly!

So, I’m sure that PE works, I don’t know how many, but works. Further new cell growth it’s not a play. Many time occured (less for bone: 1 mm a day.), but I’m strongly convince about. I believe that gain girth it’s attributable to the pression gymnastic of jelq and the growth of veins. Lenght, I supposed, it’s more simple to be reach because lenght stretch it’s more simple to be cause.

Bye :)

Does PE work?

Yes! As one of the purposes of the penis is to enlarge itself from a flaccid state, to an engorged erect state.

- Mystery

It works, it takes time, you have to keep at it to see results and the results can be very small…But many small gains over the years will add up.

Welcome CG. PE works if you do. Don’t expect it to be easy. Learn from the vetts here and start the newbie routine. You will quick learn exactly what works for you. However, consistency is the key.

Most definitely do the noob routine so you dont injure your self, the penis really does need to be conditioned to handle the workout of pe.

I’ve only been at it for 3 weeks, and I went too hard and injured myself, now i have to wait who knows how long to continue. Very pisssed off right now. I was making nice gains so i got carried away. Good luck to you.

Beggining 12-12-05 bpel 5 5/8 eg 4 7/8

Now 1-09-06 bpel 5 7/8 eg 5.5

It works!

PE is very much real if you live up to these 3 words I’ve picked up from this forum:

I am still a newbie, almost ending my 2nd month of PEing and I have gained a quarter inch in BPEL. My NBPEL is pretty much the same as before (weird), but I’m sure it will come as well as my girth, because I just have to remember to stay consistant, dedicated, and have patience in every workout session. Next thing I’ll know, I’ll wake up with a 7” x 5.25” member one day. But knowing that day WILL come just motivates me to repeat those 3 words over and over again.

All of this information is good news for me. I recently found this board and hope it will help. I’m amazed at how open you guys are in sharing all of this private information. I guess it’s all part of it. I am certainly glad to hear that this works. I hope I am one of the lucky ones that gets results. I guess it’s like anything else in life, the more you put in to it, the more you get out of it.


DO exactly as they say, and I’m sure you will be convinced within a few months that this stuff WORKS!!

Why would all these people respond to you if it didn’t. On the same hand, why would we even be on this site?

My girlfriend just sucked me off for a straight twenty minutes (literally five minutes ago), and she use to hate giving head, almost never doing it. I’ve been blow four times this week.

She keeps telling me it looks bigger. She loves it!

Can anyone suggest reasons why the medical profession is so stubborn to accept that PE works?

I had also read some threads that say that the NBPEL remains unchanged while the BPEL increases. What could be the reasons?

Yes I’ll give it a shot; my guesses for reasons why the medical pros don’t admit it works;
1) Money, they can’t make a ton of money off of it, its freely available knowledge. Doctors today don’t turn around without looking for a billing code. I Know there are exceptions, I am generalizing.

2) Vanity, doctors wouldn’t want to be called the “dick doc” or others more imaginative than that. It is ok to be a breast doc, but not a dick doc, weird huh?

3) If it is in the medical books, and or part of the excepted medical knowledge base than why fight it? Why be thought of as a quack, they spent 12 yrs of higher learning to become respected.

4) It would take someone exceptional in many areas of humanity to become an advocate of pe from the medical world. They are out there, but to be honest I would imagine pe doesn’t rate to high on their list of great causes in the medical world to fight for. I don’t blame them at all. It’s always harder to rock the boat than it is to roll with the waves.

Beggining 12-12-05 bpel 5 5/8 eg 4 7/8

Now 1-09-06 bpel 5 7/8 eg 5.5

I forgot one more, possible reason; Science. Pe isn’t a science yet. One method that works for you may not for me. This is probably due to body types, genetics and all sorts of things I don’t understand, but scientist’s would eventually sort out. But that would also cost money, and would you vote for tax money to go to this kind of study or to go to a study to cure Alzheimer’s? Just my tuppence.

Sure would be nice though if their were a real scientific study done, so that we could have a manual to go by that would work for everyone. Imagine all the people with healthy penis’s out there, Ok well half the people .lol.

Beggining 12-12-05 bpel 5 5/8 eg 4 7/8

Now 1-09-06 bpel 5 7/8 eg 5.5

Are the gains you get from PE and jelqing permanent or no.has any one stopped for a couple month and kept gains

Originally Posted by racing4life
Are the gains you get from PE and jelqing permanent or no.has any one stopped for a couple month and kept gains

The real gains are permanent, but the swelling goes away naturally…

It might work, yes. But I’m still a bit skeptical tough :)
-It works, that is a fact, but my brain does not believe in it 100%…

----- Feb 2004 - 5.0 EG x 6.0 BPEL----- Feb 2006 - 5.6 EG x 8.0 BPEL

Back after a long break. New goals, new techniques, happy to be back.


But couldn’t you imagine the first group of doctors that publicly support and back PE? Do you know how much money they would make? Lets just say, that there was a group of doctors that sponsored PE. They have been doing research for yrs an have come to the conclusion from experiments and scientific backing that PE really does work! It can really help you lengthen and grow your penis. I know I for one would be so excited, I would probably pass out…I think that are worse things out there than the being the DICK DOC. Call me the the Dick Doc all you want but I ‘d be a rich Dick Doc..

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