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Does Pe Really Work? Some Say Hoax! Someone With Results Please Respond!

rofl (not)

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I thought he was being sarcastic

Well then so much for brevity being the soul of wit.


There is no doubt in my mind, It is a hoax.

Moreover, I am suffering from terrible side effects just 3 months after I started: 1/2 an inch increase in length (my wife is always complaining about my dick hurting her every time we have sex) and 1/5” in girth (she actually loves that).:)

So, I advise you not to listen to all these insane guys here (myself included), especially that Thunder guy, he only does this for the money. My wife, who joined this place a couple of weeks ago on the account that she loves those nasty side effects I told you about, agrees with me. She will tell you her side of her story as soon as she sees this thread.

BTW, do you really think that modern medicine has all the answers and all the cures?

Do a simple exercise: In one column list the diseases that doctors can cure. In another the diseases they cannot (provided you can ever complete such a list). Then, draw your own conclusions about those medical opinions.

Oh! There’s another side effect of PE I forgot to tell you about: Unbearably hard, almost painful erections, they just scare me, it looks as though my dick is about to burst every time it gets hard, which due to -yet- another undesirable PE side effect, happens at least 10 times a day. It’s a torture, I might sue this Thunder character for bringing so much disgrace into my life, including my addiction to PE.

I have to leave now, my wife urgently requests me to inflict a heavy dose of pain onto (or should I say “into”) her, right now.

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Originally Posted by ThundererSS
We shall see Cap.

Well, there is always the chance, but if you’re right and Dmitri comes back saying “Juz fuggin witcha dude” I’ll feel even more sorry for him than I already do.

Hi Hog! :bigwink: I thought I heard you calling, lovely comment, btw, much appreciated coming from you.
Must dash, I’m chasing Dimitri round the block, he’s a sharp little bugger.

Catch you later. :idiot:

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Because if that indictment is intended as satire it’s about as amusing as pancreatic cancer.

Hi Roussie,

Good to meet you here.:)

What do you have against this Dmitri fellow, man?

Can’t you see he is a truly altruistic, caring person?

He’s put up with this Thunder character and all of his atrocities against human kind, and has remained in this place, just to save his blind brothers of the ignominious faith of succumbing to PE’s fraud.

Please, Roussie, open your eyes, Dmitri is not only right, he didn’t even tell the whole truth: The Government is behind this Thunder guy (it isn’t even his real name), I know for a fact he is NSA.#:-o

Mr. Thunder’s business angle is just half the story (I have been researching this, I have connections, you know). The underlying agenda is an ambitious and wicked plan to control the world through people’s dicks, is kind of a mind control thing but much more refined.

Roussie, Did you know that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan PEed? As a matter of fact, Mr. Sirhan’s father initiated him into PE when he was just 5 and living in Syria, the CIA did the rest. And very few people actually know this, but it was Mr. Oswald who invented the Jelq Squeeze and the Erect Bend (BTW, the real reason Jack Ruby killed him, he just wanted revenge after breaking his Corpora Cavernosa doing the bends).

Well, but so much for History, I have to do my BTC now.

Originally Posted by NiteFly69

What if PE is only temporary? Maybe docs are right in saying surgery is the only way to permanantly increase size? So far not one reply with permanant PE gains (6 months+ post PE)

I’ve taken a 3-month break, and lost nothing. Furthermore, I’ve known a guy who took a break of a few years and lost nothing. Then he resumed PE (after a divorce) and made even more gains.

Chasing Thunder now, Hog! He’s a sharp, :eek2: . Chasing Dimitri again Hog!.

Nothing against him Hog, nothing at all, he’s a newbie you see, (here’s me, sure you would know that) and he’s gone to clear this whole mess up, in ‘The speech I’m waiting to hear’ thread and it’s the wrong place. I’m buggered though, doubt I’ll be able to catch him in time, if at all, he’s like greased lightening. :spin2:

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I think dmitri was trying to be funny.
But anyway…

Thunder isn’t going to make any real $$ until he holds the:

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*Roussie will stun us with his moving performance as Willie Lowman in “Death of a Salesman.”

And Base and Tom Foolery will mesmerize us with their electrifying break dancing moves.

*Mr. Rousseau will only be performing one scene and it will be as a soliloquy

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

See, now that is funny.

(er…you are joking, aren’t you Rodney :( )

Roussie, please, be careful with this Thunder guy, he’s a merciless killer. Once, he terminated a guy who blew his cover and revealed his ties to Dupont and Dow Chemical (Thunder is not into PE products, he has interests in the companies that make the raw materials that go into PE products), by making him jelq until his glans exploded and bled to death. It was horrible, and worse, it was ruled suicide, so Mr. Thunder got away with it.

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