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Does Pe Really Work? Some Say Hoax! Someone With Results Please Respond!

Nah its not a hoax, its just not easy at all for most and can take years of trying to gain. The bigger is always better part might be iffy, but its nice to have the option of testing the theory

Lies! All lies!!!

I’ve PE’ed for 57 consecutive years….and I lost 4 inches…and size don’t matter. :spin2:

This site is actually one of the most well done scams I’ve seen. Sure it’s free to join and read everything—the people at Thunders make no money there. But what people don’t realize is Thunders ownership of other sites that sell PE equipment. After people see they aren’t making gains, they resort to different things—pumping, hanging, ADS, etc. To do this people order expensive pumps, special hangers, penimasters, powerjelqs, etc. It’s these sites where Thunders makes its money. If you read through the posts you realize there is no one way that works—the prevailing notion that everyone is different and you have to find the right method for you is what enables Thunders to con people into buying their stuff: “Oh, manual (free) excersizes didn’t work for you? Maybe you’ll respond better to pumping. Here’s where I got my pump—I’m making great gains with it!” Same thing with all the other crap you can buy from sites cladestinely run by Thunders. The beauty of this place for Thunders is that you only need a few people running it. Each person has a few screen names and talks about things that have worked for him, etc.

This place is the perfect invention for cashing in on people’s hope and gullibility. There are countless people who have 1/4” or so “newbie gains.” These are nothing more than people wanting so bad to convince themselves that this PE magic is real that they push the ruler in harder or lean back, or convince themselves that they feel thicker. PC flexes actually do help to strengthen erections, so people think it’s the PE working and that they’re growing, hence the strong advocation of PC flexes here. With these false gains they can be part of the magic and share with the community, and they do. Others dont get any gains because they took honest and correct measurements. But whatever “newbie gains” were had only serve to fool the man that PE is real. Either way, “newbie gains” won’t continue—you have to change it up—try hanging, pumping, powerjelqing: buy their products.

The site is very well done, however, which is the key to its success. You’re not being beaten over the head with products. This takes away the skepticism, but they are still the inevitable last resort after no gains. In fact, most of the posts are by people who haven’t even gained, giving advice of what they do, not whether it works. People have stock in what they say from the assumption that they have gained—why else would they still be here after so long? They are here because their desire to have a bigger penis is so great that they will stick with this crap forever out of shear hope. It’s also this hope that messes with people’s heads and prevents them from seeing what I describe. Despite the thousands of post where people lement of being a hard-gainer and that they haven’t gained a thing, people continue to jump on the bandwagon when a couple of the owners of Thunders on a few of their screen names post great success. Nobody accepts that they are likely to be one of the hard gainers, and while they are here, they figure they may as well dedicate themselves and try all the gizmos and gadgets that Thunders suggests.

Why do outside sources continually refute the validity of the claims of penis enlargement techniques? You guessed it—because it actually doesn’t work. This crap has been around for a years and years. These are medical professionals, urologists, don’t you think they would have proven it by now if it worked? Urologists have hundreds or thousands of clients, certainly some of whom have tried this or are there because they hurt themselves attempting it—these urologists would know if PE were valid, yet they say it’s a hoax. You can bet that if after all the contention and attention that PE brings, some medical team would have some scientific data showing its validity; there is no reason for them to lie about it if it did work.


And the “medical professionals” warned athletes not to lift weights, or they’d become “muscle-bound” (what a joke). And the “medical professionals” ridiculed accupuncture for the longest time - until finally accepting it’s validity (about 3,000 years behind the Chinese).

I say these things not to argue with *you* but with any other newbie who’d be discouraged by your ignorant diatribe. Curiously, you didn’t explain why urologists instruct phalloplasty patients to hang weights from their dicks after surgery. Nor have you explained why “medical professionals” readily accept the concept of tissue traction in all matters except PE. How strange. Hell, doctors have even elongated human bones - and you think a dick can’t be stretched? LOL

Read this forum more carefully. Thunder, or anybody else, does NOT push products. Even Bib, the guy who made the hangers, is no longer at Thunder’s. As far as pumps go, most guys here do NOT pump; nor are pumper’s gains thought to be permanent (when pumping is exclusively performed). Most guys here have made their gains from “manual” - including your’s truly. I’ve increased my erect penis by nearly 80% - again, with manual PE. Nor do I advocate “purchasing” anything.

As far as gains varying between individuals, um….that’s called “Life.” As a former personal trainer, I couldn’t begin to tell you how widely varied was the progress that my trainees realized. Or, no, wait! Maybe gym training is a hoax also.

Get a life.


I got an idea, what about WalMart, Home Depot, and others maintaining/financing this site?

I can see where you are coming from. I have no idea if you are right or wrong but I will still give PE a shot.


That’s all that anybody can do - “give PE a shot.” You cannot prove or disprove PE by your personal experience - you can only discover how well it works, or does not work, for you. And, if your peepee doesn’t grow, don’t spend any money before throwing in the towel (then you’ll be guarding against vast conspiracies :) ).

dmitri “SCAM SCAM SCAM!”

You are entitled to your opinion.

I came here as a skeptic, you just need to look at my name for proof or that. That was around two years ago and I’m still here and oh what about gains, yes they have been modest but they are there.

Am I one of the moderators in disguise….I don’t think so.

It works….I have the physical facts to prove it and the self-esteem as well.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

Originally Posted by dmitri
This site is actually one of the most well done scams I’ve seen…SCAM SCAM SCAM!


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, as you have stated yours. With less than 2 months PE commitment since mid-August, your jump to the conspiracy theory on this site is interesting. You seem to have made up your mind about the “truth” of PE, so I guess you won’t be visiting Thundersplace anymore and wasting your time.
I wish you well in whatever other personal development activities you may wish to pursue.


P.S. For the record, I have never been or am I now involved with any moneymaking PE product manufacturing,distribution or marketing. This I swear on all that is holy at Walmart.

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Who knows if there are some hidden agenda’s on this site. We won’t ever know for sure. And who knows how much thunderSS is making off sponsorship and donations. I’m sure he needs cash for the upkeep of this website tho.

Personally PE has worked for me, by doing only manual excercises. No devices. I believe that’s a personal preference. And it’s all in your mind. If you believe devices work, then they probably will! Same for manual. I believe it’s mind over matter mainly.

My only concern is post PE… I have a suspicion that most of us gainers might lose our gains after stopping PE. We don’t hear about these guys because they have probably stopped coming to the website too! am I right in saying that everyone posting here are active in PE? And how effective is “cementing” I would like to hear from people that have stopped for 6+ months, and kept gains. Thanks.

You make me laugh…seriously!
What a load of crap! Before we had the pleasure of your company, Bigger (as in Bib hangers) left Thunder’s due to T’s insistence that no matter what, everyone here was equal and no one was above the forum and it’s guidelines.

If what you are saying is correct, then why the hell would Thunder let such a “cash cow” just walk right out of here?

What a joke! Just because PE has not worked for you, then it must be a scam, right?
“If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

All the way through your last post Dmitri, I thought you were spoofing and eventually you would say to Will, ‘Look all around you!’. It never came and all your post actually says, is that you yourself, never did.

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

I personally loved Dmitri’s post, and I believe he didn’t believe a word of it. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM describes his post, not PE.


I hope you’ll be happy with your size because unless you try riskier surgery (followed by the hanging they’ll have you doing!) you are walking away from your chance to be bigger. You’re so certain and so wrong. Take care.

What if PE is only temporary? Maybe docs are right in saying surgery is the only way to permanantly increase size? So far not one reply with permanant PE gains (6 months+ post PE)

We actually need posters like Dmitri to come forward with their opinions because…
It reminds the people who have made significant gains on this forum just how close they could have come to sabotaging all they had worked for if they had initially adopted an attitude like his.

Something along the lines of…

“Whewwww that could have been me if I had not went against the grain and gave this PE thing an honest try.”

That realization feels good, so thanks for the good feelings Dmitri!!! :up:

Its healthy and wise to adopt some skepticism in life (especially in this dog eat dog world) but to allow it to
rob you of your dreams when you are so close to making it a reality is rather sad.
Dmetri hit the motherlode of PE information but…
Too bad Dmitri never made it to other side (where the gainers are) and will be sucked back into the general public mentality and all the naysayers.

So close and yet so far.

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