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Does PE induce negative feedback

Does PE induce negative feedback

I’m reading a lot as a newbie (2 months), and occasionally run across posts that seem to imply that the process of doing PE eventually makes it harder to get gains-that doing jelqing and stretching makes the penis eventually resistant to those and forces the PE’er to use more advanced techniques. What I’m referring to is not the same thing as simply exhausting easy gains early on.

Is this true? If so, would the best advice be to PE as little as possible as long as you’re achieving some gains?

As long as you get a good rest in between sessions you can PE pretty much when you feel like it.

PEing without rest will cause your member to shrivel up and hide, since it won’t be ready for another go.

Just guessing people who get an early ‘resistance’ is due to over PEing, know your body and I’d say rather take two days off then one if you feel somethings up.

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There is a theory that, using high tensile force can result in scar tissue formation which could potentially hinder gains.

It would be most logical to do the very minimum required to gain, and keep doing it until you stop gaining.

Originally Posted by doingvoodoo

Is this true? If so, would the best advice be to PE as little as possible as long as you’re achieving some gains?

Answered your own question mate! Why push it harder and farther when you can take a stroll and gain? There are some really good threads on here that talk about the theory behind less is more. Sparkyx is the originator of the idea I believe but could be wrong. As for myself I know that if I do less my dick responds better to the exercises so I try to keep it to a minimum. Hope this helps.

The most important thing is not to get injured. In my (almost) 6 months I didn’t get injured once. Some guys want to see result over night so they stretch and pull that poor penis and you get typical topic “I got injured on my second day” or something like that. If you get injured you can’t do PE, worst case scenario.

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