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Does my routine look promising

Does my routine look promising

Hello all, I am fairly new to PE. I have been on the newbie routine for about a month; however, after browsing the forums for a while I am convinced that it is not the routine for me. I feel as though I only get a good jelq session in when I am 70% or more erect. I feel my grip slowly pushing blood through my penis, but when I am less erect I do not feel any resistance (the blood slowly being pushed through) and my jelqs feel too fast an do not feel proper. The problem with this is that I am looking to gain length before I gain girth as many suggest it is easier to gain length before you gain girth, and of course, the more erect you are the more the focus is directed upon girth. So I want to incorporate more stretches into my routine. I was thinking of a 20 min stretching routine consisting of 30-45 secs downward, upward, side, and V-stretches. This would be followed by a light jelq session. I also believe I should not take any break days. Instead, I believe my routine should consist of 2 days regular, followed by one day of “light” stretching. Sort of like 2 days on, 1 day “off”. I got this idea after reading that hangers do not take break days, instead they have “light” days. After two months of this I plan to start hanging.

PS, I’m starting at 5.5” EL, 4.5” EG and my goal is 7” EL and 5.5” EG.

I think V-stretch don’t do much, better A-stretches then. I would takeat least one day off per week. manual stretches apply more intense force than hanging.

Thank you for the reply, I have a few more questions. What would be a good stretching routine? Right now I am doing: about 12 stretches at different angles (down, up, right, left) for 45 seconds each and also 3 V-stretches and 3 A-stretches for 2 minutes each.

For the V-stretches and A-stretches I apply the pressure in the middle of my shaft, should I apply pressure at the base?

I follow this by 3 sets of 75 jelqs at about 60% erection. I stopped doing kegels because I had done them for a long time in the past and it gives me the impression that they are counter-productive as they contract the penis rather than stretch it. Are kegels necessary for length, or are they just for EQ? If I stop doing kegels will I not gain as much length as I should?

Welcome to the forum! Your routine is your routine! If it works for you, stick to it! If it isn’t working change it up and measure after a month or so. Good luck on your progress and whatnot!

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