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Does lifting weights makes libido higher because it increases testosterone levels?

Does lifting weights makes libido higher because it increases testosterone levels?

Does lifting weights makes libido higher because it increases testosterone levels?

I am not sure, but my experience has been that after working out at the gym it does not take much to get me excited and ready for some action. I would believe that this would be an indication that the T level is raised.


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Yes it does. Weight lifting is one of the recommended ways to increase testosterone levels which in turn increases sex drive

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No it doesn’t make the libido higher at all. That has been my experience and the experience of everyone I have personally known.. If anything, all the people I have know are more horny when they don’t train than when they train.

I know there are infinite studies showin long term increase in free testosterone, but a) other studies have shown no significative increase, if not decrease; b) more free testosterone doesn’t necessarily means more libido; c) the difference will be short lived and too low to have any significative impact on libido; d) those studies aren’t exactly perfect.

I half agree with this. I do a mix of body building/power lifting and I will tell you that after a really intense workout, I rarely desire sex and it is in fact physiologically harder to achieve and maintain an erection. Usually by the next day I’m fine and if I’ve had a day off my sex drive is very high (which leads me to believe that the answer to your question in my case is a yes).

Instead lets ask some separate questions:

Does weight lifting increase free T levels? It can. If you over train then not so much.

Do increased T levels translate to an increased libido? Another resounding maybe! While low T levels do equal lower libido going from normal to higher levels don’t necessarily equate to a libido increase.

As others have pointed out, if you do intense workouts you may well be less of a sex beast right after one. Most guys that lift get a spike in libido if they take a break.

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I do a full body workout 1 day on and 3 days off. I am usually pretty beat after my workout, so much so that my workout days are also my PE rest days. I do PE on my 3 day weight break and always have maximum erections when doing my pump routine.

The exercise that is usually given credit for a testosterone boost are squats as they work the largest muscles in your body.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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