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Does it never NOT work?

Does it never NOT work?

Hi everyone.

Okay, I have been doing PE on and off for a couple years; maybe more than just 2, I’m not sure. I usually do it once every year or so, and never got past 3 months, usually stopping a little before that. I stopped about a month or more ago, right before it got to 3 months. I usually do jelq alone, but this last time, I added v-stretch and others. I restarted last week, addressing the reasons I stopped. (I have an electric kettle now so I can warm water in the privacy of my own room for the warm-up since I don’t have warm water from the tap. This allows privacy [no need to use the kettle and so my family sees and may wonder why I need it] and cuts the amount of time needed as well. But most importantly: I’m going to make SURE I do it. Determination is key.)

So, my question is: Does it ever NOT work? I mean, I’ve never seen any results so far, which is understandable since I’ve never gone more than a 3 months. But is it possible that after doing it properly for a good amount of time, there’s absolutely no change? I know I somethings jelq too fast, which I’m trying to address. I’m going to pay attention to all techniques and reread so I do it right. But I just want to know if there’s any chance that no matter how meticulous I am, I will fail. I need to be prepared for that. It’s such a huge time investment, I want to get results, you know?

Does it always work? I think no. It’s unlikely that a physical training, a diet, a drug or whatever will work on 100% of people; pick up a big enough sample and some guys will have a different reponse than most of other people. The only way to know if it will work on you is to be consistent and trying to understand what can work for you. If you are doubting that it is worth your time, probably it isn’t. That could be a good thing actually, it means you are satisfied with your size.

I’d definitely like to see if it would work for me. I read that gains usually don’t start until 3 months at least, and can take years to reach satisfactory results. I’m not satisfied with my size, so we’ll see if I can get this to work. I’m aiming to keep going until at least February..

Thank you, marinera.

No problem, and good luck.

Side note: why V-stretches instead than regular stretches? V-stretches do little or nothing.

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