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Does it last

Does it last

So does the jelqing effect actually last? Like after you’ve done it for a while and lets say you started from a 6 inch when fully erect to a 8 inch and then stop doing it once you have reached 8 inches and never do it again, will it slowly shrink back to 6 inches?

There are a lot of factors, if you have a bad diet, cardio and don’t get a lot of erections it will shrink, I shrunk over a full inch after quitting and having health problems

Wow.. Really? I’m having second thoughts.. Health problems? What kind of health problems? And I certainly don’t want it to effect my natural length. I thought if you did this and reached like your goal you wouldn’t have to do it again.

I’m not talking about PE health problems,

I had a serious gastro intestinal problem, my heart rate would go to hummingbird rate when I was highly aroused, so I couldn’t really masturbate, and then I had disk problems in my back keeping me from doing almost any physical activity. The other problem with the digestive problem is I ate lots of sugar which was bad for my dick, as well as not able to eat alot of foods that were good for sex like hot sauce and peanut butter

OooO, well the only problem for me is I have a bad diet I eat too much junk and lots of sugary stuff. But anyway so if I was to do jelqing for like a couple months and reached and inch or two longer and stopped completely after I reached my desire length, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will lose length after I stop? Everyone is different? You lost some length because of your personal health problems? Am I right so far

Well you could drink hot sauce and eat pepper and garlic plain like I did to compensate, but that is possibly how I messed up my digestive system.

I would advise if you get to your desired length then just do it like once a week

Hmmm ok ill start probably at the end of this week in the mean time ill be asking more questions and finding more about this whole jelqing thing thanks for you help. O say, how long does it normally take to reach an extra inch

Hard to say, a lot of factors, it is probably easier if you are younger, also the less girth you have the easier it is to gain an inch. And some people are just luckier than others on being able to gain, and avoid injuries

Ok thanks again going to sleep ill post again later during the week

One person’s bad experiences don’t necessarily apply to everyone.

chinpo - Use the search button, top right of every page, and click the “advanced search” link. On that page enter “permanent” as the search term and use the pull down menu below the search term box and select “titles only.” You’ll get a list of past threads where people have asked this same question.

Basically it does last, but many have to do a “maintenance” routine once a week or so to keep it. If you just stop, it some of your gains will be lost. See this thread by supersizeit regarding his loss after stopping PE.


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