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Does girth gains come later one with jelqing?

Does girth gains come later one with jelqing?

So its been one month since i started will a month and couple days i just say April 1st cause its easier to remember, but anyway 1 month and I believe it or not got 1cm of erect gains probably newbie gains but still and 0.5cm in non-erect length. Well my girth gains have not changed at all. just wondering if they come later on.

Hi ilovetacos

I think it depends on people. Different people respond differently. Some people are fast gainers, some are slower, some gain both girth and length, others none.

I am also in a similar camp with you, I have been doing PE 3-4 months now, and so far have only gained in length but not in girth.

You’ve gained in flaccid length which is great. Continue doing what you’re doing (hopefully the newbie routine) for 6 months and if you’ve still not gained any erect length then read up on hanging and other more powerful exercises. The more ‘powerful’ exercises are also more dangerous, so make sure you know what you’re doing when you get to that point.

For most people girth gains are harder to get than length but the above advice applies equally.

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