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Does genetics matter

Does genetics matter

Hi all,
I am new to this forum and I am enjoying it very much.

I have question to you. Does genetics matter to achieve good results.
I was doing some bodybuilding and grew very fast naturally, no steroids. Does this supports me in PE?


That is anybody’s guess, I am afraid. It sounds like a good enough reason to try.

"Debate the idea..."

I would imagine that the only thing effected by fast muscle growth would be the kegels workouts. You would have better erections and ejaculations, but as far as Penis Enlargement goes, I don’t think that muscle would matter. There is no real muscle within the penis.

It’s clearly an overused term, but genetics determines gains above all else. Sure there’s diet, consistency, sleep etc., but take a good look around — we’re all different. I’m the only one in my immediate family that has perfect eyesight. I’m also the tallest when usually the youngest brother gets all the height (I’m 5’-10”, younger brother 5’-3.5” and hung like nobody’s business). My point is that the effort and belief you put into PE should be as much as your lifestyle will allow and your genes will do the rest.


Short answer, not necessarily.
Genetics may have something to do with it, it would explain why some people gain fast, and some slow whilst doing the same exercises.

As for the correlation between putting on fast muscle in the gym, and fast gains on the cock; also again not necessarily. Rufstuf’s on the correct page.


Well I have wondered this too, but then again, I have read plenty of threads on here about guys who assumed they were going to get big, fast gains because of their superior genetics and only ended up hurting themselves and gaining slow.

So I have no clue.

Genetics are important as in so many other fields.

But for one to find the best routines and the best strategy for gains, genetics don’t help a tiny bit.

It’s a more rough science

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