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Does FL lead to EL or are they completely separate

Does FL lead to EL or are they completely separate

Hey guys, I have been PEing for a few weeks now. My dong’s reaction to PE has been.varied. I have major turtling, even after taking upward stretching out of my routine(which I saw in an earlier post). However, at times I think I see more FL.

I was hoping the increase in FL also meant and increase in EL however that’s not the case, In fact I think my EL has become shorter.

Also, I’m doing the newbie routine minus upwards stretching(even my sideways stretches are aimed downward so as to reduce any chance of turtling.
Nothing seems to work, 10 seconds after I stop stretching or take a break before I jelq, I experience turtling like no other. Any suggestions?

FL: 4.1/8 in FG: 4.0 in GROW GROW GROW!!

EL: 5.0 in EG:4 3/8 in

Goal: 7 1/2 x 6in

Turtling most of the times means that you are pulling with too much force. Time is more important than tension.

FL gains tend to precede EL gains. A gain in girth can hinder length gains, depending on the shape of your penis. Keeping track of BPFSL is a good idea, IMHO.

About 5 weeks into starting PE I noticed significant flaccid gains but no erect gains. Then a week later I measured and gained 1/4” in erect length and girth!

Since then I’ve made much more flaccid gains but no erect gains yet, hopefully that’s around the corner.

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