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Does extender work

Does extender work

Hey guys,

I just recently bumped into this website, so am looking forward to the PE exercise and advises. Can I use the extender throughout the day and do PE in the evening? Would it make any difference? Also to use the extenders on the days I’m doing PE and not to use them on the rest day, would it work? Thanks

Hello Drajcoshi

Welcome to the forum. Pe is amazing once you get a good routine going. It is highly recommended that you give the newbie routine a try. Also in regard to your question… that question has been asked quite a few times here. Please use the search function, I am sure you will find not only the answers to your questions, but also an abundance of information.

How did you find Thunder’s Place (if you don’t mind my asking)?

Best wishes, Zerone

Extenders do work. Try the newbie routine first like zerone suggested.

The routine you are talking about will most likely cause injury if you are new to PE.

Thanks guys for the reply, I was actively looking for a site for PE and went through a lot of crap, especially the ones with the pills and creams that magically makes your “soldier” bigger. I finally stumbled upon this site and was equally skeptical at first but after reading alot of the post by the admins and people like yourself, finally convinced of it’s authenticity.:)

Reading a few posts of people that use extenders for a long time I realized that it works but you won’t get the 3 inches in 6 months like they promise but you will have some gains

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Yeah, the manufacturer’s claims are absurd. They do work for many people, but most seem to find them most effective when combined with the newbie routine. Personally, I started with an extender and didn’t gain anything until I added the newbie routine. In retrospect, I probably would have saved my money and just gone with the newbie routine, but some people swear by extenders and get great results.

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