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Does discoloration have any relation to growth?

Does discoloration have any relation to growth?

Just so you know, I never warm up or cool down, but I decided to give it a try last night. I got some warm water (how I know its 110 degrees is beyond me) and soaked my penis for 5 minutes, and I iced my penis for 2 minutes because I read it would help freeze the tissues in their stretched state so the gains would stick better. Anyways, is there any truth to the icing statement, and does discoloration have any relation to growth? I ask this because I had very visible and noticeable darkening in my unit after just this first session of warm up and cool down. I can live with the darkness, but only if I am going to be significantly larger because of it.

Yes, darkness can come with growth and usually does, but normally it comes with the more intense exercises like hanging, clamping, pumping and sometimes jelqing. As you have heard here, we are all different. Drilla and kaan do those exercises and they didn’t discolor. I discolored. now then, I feel warming up before a workout is very beneficial and should be part of your routine as should warming down. As far as the ice goes, some here claim it works (a smaller percentage claim it works). I haven’t tried it and will not, my routine is short and fast, don’t need to complicate things.

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