Does clamping hurt blood flow

I’m finally seeing some results from jelqing. Important to me is the blood flow improvement I see lately after a couple weeks of jelqing. I heard that clamping can clot or hurt the blood flow to the dick. I’m wondering how true that is, and if it is true, if it will defeat the purpose of jelqing.

I also noticed that after I jelq for a couple of days, I have a specific girth and after clamping, the girth grows immediately by the slightest bit (after the clamp comes off the girth is bigger), but then when I go back to jelqing the girth goes back down to what it was originally. I wonder if I keep jelqing and clamping about 2 days a week, if the girth will grow and the health of the dick will improve at the same time. Is it OK to clamp just 2 times a week? Does that even do anything or is it a waste of time unless I do it more often? Is it over exerting the penis enlargement work out if I clamp say 2 or 3 times a day for 2 or 3 days in a row, for 3 days a week?

Also, I notice a bubble of liquid form around the base of my dick right above the clamp. I do NOT clamp behind the balls. So I use the clamp like a super tourniquet. But when I put it on, a swelling of liquid forms around the base of the dick as a result of the clamp. Is this dangerous, normal, or am I just doing it wrong?

Right now I have experimented with clamping, and see good girth results from it, but also notice a fatigue in blood flow afterwards, and during the clamp, a big liquid bubble form under the skin right in front of the clamp, and also right under the glans.
I am also stretching upwards, downwards, and side to side for 15 minutes before a jelq session about 4 times a week.

Who has some suggestions on what I should do as a routine. Keep in mind that I have decided to only jelq for about 1 to 2 weeks to improve the health of the dick and allow it to heal enough to continue to stay healthy and grow. In about two weeks I plan on trying a new routine, which HAS to incorporate jelqing, stretching, and something to help my girth.

Right now I am 6.25 in length, and 6 in girth; my goal is 8 in length and 7.5 in girth. Right now, I want a little bit of long and my girth is priority. The thing is it needs to get a little longer to get thicker. So I have to stretch it for a while, until it’s long enough for girth gains to get bigger.

Also, someone comment on how to cement gains, so that when I reach some what a good result in growth, I can cement it, and then go back to continuing to increase it afterwards.

LOL, I know it’s alot, but it’s a long journey and I need to get it started right