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Does anyone not jelq

Does anyone not jelq

Jelqing seems to be a staple in anybody’s routine but I don’t like the exercise. I’m going to replace it with pumping. Any thoughts on this?

I seldom jelq. It was what gave me gains though. Now I just pump but not sure what its doing yet.

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I’m a newbie I tried it yesterday and it feels weird and I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly.

I don’t think you should skip to pumping so soon. Your penis may not be conditioned to it. Continue jelqing but if you don’t like it I think you should reduce the reps. Jelqing when done right keeps your penis healthy and increases EQ.

In my brief (10 month) PE career, jelqing has been the only thing that has provided girth gains. I did the newbie routine for the first three months and gained 0.25” in girth. I then decided that jelqing was too monotonous (and too tiring on the hands), so I switched to clamping. I clamped religiously for three months and gained nothing. Three months ago, I switched back to daily jelqing have since added another 0.25” in girth.My experience seems to echo the wisdom of a lot of the vets around here: stick to manual exercises for as long as they keep providing gains. You’ll probably never again see the kind of growth that you’ll get during the first 1-2 years using manual exercises. Save the more advanced stuff for when jelqing and stretching stop providing results.

I don’t get why jelqing is considered a great beginners exercise. I don’t buy into the whole idea that jelqing conditions you for more intense exercises. I think the length and intensity of the each individual exercise is the key to conditioning. For example, I think the best way to condition yourself for pumping it do very light pressure and for a short period of time. Start a 2hg and just do a 5 minute set. Then build up over the weeks and months, thus slowly conditioning your penis for it. I don’t see pumping as more strenuous than jeqling.

I think the idea that jelqing is a great way to condition your penis is based on nothing and is just the result of it being seen as a staple exercise. I’ve not seen any real evidence to suggest sensible jelqing as any safer than a sensible approach to numerous other exercises. If you jelq to hard and too long as a newbie, you’re putting yourself at a higher risk of injury. The same is true of clamping and pumping. It’s just with the latter, guys seem to jump straight in. I’m sure if we all started clamping for 2 minute sets, with the clamp not that tight we’d be fine. If you then increase length of sets and tightness of clamp over time, you’d be gradually conditioning yourself.

I think jelqing to “condition” the penis is about 10% physical preparation and 90% “don’t be a dumbass and start with something simple so you don’t break your dick” mental preparation.

How many injuries you’ve read about have been the result of starting PE with something extreme because the newbie was overexcited after learning PE might actually work?

Its a simple introductory exercise that one must usually try quite hard to cause injury with. After realizing its pretty easy to over train, newbies will be more cautious with exercises that are more likely to damage something if done wrong.

Other than that, they are easy and proven effective. There is really no reason not to try jelqing as a beginner.

I think most of pumpers do jelqs too.

When I started three plus years ago, I found that my already existing turkey neck made it almost impossible to jelq because my first stroke pulled up too much skin preventing me from getting any kind of a grip with the second hand. As a result, I did very little jelqing during the first two plus years. However, I did get involved in pumping right away, but I had a lot of experience (over five years) of applying a tight constriction band around the base of my dick and behind my balls in order to generate and maintain an erection during sex. Accordingly, my dick had experienced a lot of “conditioning” prior to starting pumping.

After a year of pumping and stretching, I started using an extender to supplement the pumping and stretching which I continued to do until about three months ago when a bruise on my glans caused by my VacExtender put extending on hold. At this point, I developed an effective one handed 20 minute jelqing routine which I do every night in bed now along with a 20 minute stretching routine. I feel the new pumping, stretching, and jelqing routine, has gotten me off a plateau and I am again starting to show new gains.

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