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Does anyone know

Does anyone know

I was recently reading about leech oil does anyone knows if it works?

No, but is there any reason you didn’t put ‘leech oil’ in the subject?

You should try duck fat. I heard it was awesome. I think it was Dino or Mem who dedicated a whole thread to it :)

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Sorry about the title guys was in a rush when I posted last night.
I will check out the duck fat thread, The main reason I wanted to know about it is because of the way I do my Jelqs. I found it hurts too much when I did it 75% erect especially around the glands I did it for a month still through the pain. However I had to stop for like three weeks because my wife was out of work and I hated doing it while she was home. But a few weeks ago actually 2 week in June I started up again but only after seeing someones thread who said he didn’t feel comfortable doing the erect jelqs and he said he did the almost soft like 10% erect jelqs and stretches only but I think he pumped also. Well I tried his routine and I give it a huge thumbs up I have got wider really quick and I shot up from a 5.75 to a 6.4 in three weeks 2 days on 300 strokes 2 days 500, I also stretch 10 min everyday maybe more than 10 min. For my rest days I do 100 strokes and try to balloon but I haven’t got that under control yet so I just try to stay hard for like 30 min maybe an hour depending on whats on tv lol. It seems to work pretty well and I am not sore at all with the new routine and the best thing about I hang like 5 inches on hot day and 4.5 on cool days. Also for some reason I have raging boners all the time when I wake up, when I am driving for no reason. This $hit is the greatest.

The best thing though guys is I s when I am soft and my dick falls out my boxers and I catch my wife looking at it. That is hilarious.
I still need to lose some weight I am currently 260lb, 5’11 being lazy but now I lift weights and I try to walk everyday want to lose about 20lbs

My stats
Length june 1st 2007 5.74-75
Girth not accurate had to use a ruler string and marker 5.1

July 10
Length 6.4
Girth 5.8

P.s I luv this forum it’s like having 100 big brothers


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