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Does anyone have an hourglass

Does anyone have an hourglass

My base girth is thickest, about 5.5 inch. My mid girth is about 5.

But about an inch down from the base I can see (but barely) narrowing of the shaft all the way around. I can actually feel it more than see it. When I jelq, it’s just wide enough for my “ok” grip to slip in and then feel a “notch” with each stroke, especially when flaccid. It’s like a small gap in the tissues. I’m fearful of the baseball bat effect so I don’t jelq as hard at that point.

I’m really not sure what to make of this for the following reasons.
I didnt notice it before PE, but did within the first 5 weeks, which seems a short time to create a gap in the tissues
When I first started PE, I actually hung 15 pounds from a padded belt off the base of my dick in that exact same spot. I stopped when it started to discolor and feel bruised.
The sensitivity that I feel when I do some warm up stretches is in that spot.
When I jelq and my ok grip falls into that spot it can feel somewhat bruised if I squeeze.
My clamps land just in front of this spot so it can get pretty big. Also, if fluid build-up occurs, it is here
I have a darkening ring around my dick in that exact same spot. I’m guessing thats where blood pools while I jelq and clamp, creating the discoloration (for the record PE is darkening other areas as well, but this is most pronounced).

So I’m not sure if this is something I was born with and just now noticing, or something I created myself, maybe even an injury I need to take care of.

Any of you guys hear of this before? I don’t want to lose sleep if I don’t need to, but I want to take care of myself as well. If I can fill that notch it would probably fill things in nicely.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL

First don’t hang waits on the base of your dick you should hang it close to the head, and that might have been the cause of it, never really herd of this but if you can please put a picture in so I can see what your talking about.

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