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Does an ADS Create Gains Similar To An Extender

Does an ADS Create Gains Similar To An Extender

Does an ADS (all day stretch) Create gains in length closely like an extender, since it is the same principle? I’m wondering if having an ADS everyday would create gains?

Don’t know. Never tried one of those. Anyone here used one with success?



Yes, I used my AutoExt ADS for the longest time. Felt good, and probably did some too. But ADS doesn’t pull as hard as you can with an extender (straight out rig or down the leg/round the waist rig), so you need to do regular PE to get some slack out of the system and then keep it stretched with the ADS.

regards, mgus

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I’m planning to start using ADS. I made a captn wench ads and tried it for couple of hours. It’s comfortable, and it give a very good stretch if applied properly.

I use both and a ADS is not as good as an extender but you can’t wear an extender under normal cloths. I’m a big fan of both.

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