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Does an 8 hour ADS produce gains

Does an 8 hour ADS produce gains

If I do an ads like the video for 8 hours a day for one month, am I likely to gain?(if I gain I will certainly prolong the 1 month period) and if so, how much pressure do I need?

It depends. If you haven’t already exhausted your newbie gains then I don’t see why not.

Then again I am not experienced with ADS.

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I just measured 4 weeks on an ADS the other day and I’ve gained 1/2 inch. Not bad in one month, actually. But those may be newbie gains. If that can keep up, I’ll be at my goal in 2 more months! :) We’ll see.

But yes, I think I can attest that it works. I wear mine at work, so 7-8 hours a day.

If you wear it 8+ hours every day you have good chances to gain especially if you combine it with other exercises. All ADS makers recommends at least 8

hours per day and as much as you can (12 is excellent).

I was wanting to start an ADS routine, does anyone mind showing me a straight link to this video?

thanks in advance.


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Where could I get a cheap ADS device

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