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Does age matter???

Does age matters???

Hi, how old do you have to be in order for this PE techniques be effective? Will it work for someone who is over 40. thanks.

I’m 44. gained 1.75” in length and 0.625” in girth in 13 months.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks, I saw your post for the newbie on how much time you need to do it. I’ll try it and hope it works. Thanks again.

Older the easier the gains INHO. I imagine Bib was about your age when he started.

I don’t know if gains come any easier or not for us older guys, but I do know that significant growth is possible. I started PE when I was 46, had good results early on, and am now the proud owner of an 8” cock at 48. For me, this was the result of a disciplined, long-term effort — I guess I paid more attention to my love commando over the past 2 years than it received in the previous 25 years.

It will take work on your part, but what is the downside? 2 years from now, you will be 2 years older whether you have been working out on your cock or not. And the possible benefits are huge!! (pun intended)

I do truly believe that bigger is better!

At first I was thinking the younger you are te better since you are still growing, every parts of your body is….But, I guess there is still lightat the end of the tunnel for me:) :) :)

How soon do you see results? Will you see results is a few months, lets say around 3 months or 6 months?

Everyone is different, some see gains right away, some it takes awhile.

But this shit sure is worth the effort… :)

Hey WhitePE,

When I started this incredible PE journey I was 49, and at first I was sure that everybody I talk to is in their teens or 20’s. I thought I was the older guy in town. I was surprised to find that penis size is an issue for all guys young and old.
Now almost 2 years and 1.75” later I am very happy that I found this place, gained a few friends along with length and girth :)

Good luck and a pleasant journey to you too.

ù ì å í


Yes, I’m finding out now that age does not make any difference, from what I have read in this forum. Thanks everyone for the support. I had been doing it for almost a week now. Hope I can hang in there and see a difference and improvement in time.

Originally posted by luvdadus
I'm 44. gained 1.75” in length and 0.625” in girth in 13 months.


Care to let us know which methods you are using? Any special devices?

Thanks! :)

Damn, your my idol. :D

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