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Does a rubberband puller work

Sim-PULL Penis stretcher does it work

I just bought a Sim-PULL Penis stretcher off ebay.

There are 2 circles on the rubberband string. First circle tie around the penis head then second circle is just for tie to the leg and then tie it tighter around the leg to apply force to pull the penis down.

I am thinking about doing this everyday for at least one hour. Do you guys think this will work? If it does what is the estimate gain?

Thank you

Http://…ypho tohosting

Here is the picture


Here is a larger picture


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This is a noose style ADS! It’s quite dangerous as I can cut off circulation to the glans! I would stay away from it but you can do as you please!
If your glans goes cold or numb or changes colour whilst you are wearing it, “TAKE IT OFF”
It will do damage to your member if you ignore the signals!

But that’s just my opinion!
Aussie Guy

Finally someone replied thank you so much for the reply and thank you very much for your suggestion !!

I actually wore it for around 3 hours last time but I didn’t really notice anything althought I do remember my glen got more pal. I will pay more attention next time I try it

Anyways knowing that it is very dangerous is it possible to gain any length from wearing it?


With this type of device, it is necessary to wear it for long periods to effect any gains. But by doing so you will rob your glans of it’s supply of blood. And as you have noticed it will go white.

So you will not be able to wear it for long periods. Therefore it is unlikely it will work.

Your best bet it to try returning it.

One possible answer is to place something thicker under th loop against your skin, but you will probably find this will cause the loop to slide off. But do that at your own risk!

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Is 1 hour long enough each day?

I did it for 1 hour last night I did notice my glan have gotten cold but nothing like icy cold and I didn’t feel like numbness or anything like that..

Anything how many hours do you suggest me doing at one time?

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Dude! Search and do some investigation, before asking questions or even buying a PE device from Ebay. There’s plenty of information on Thunder’s Forums, to answer all your questions.

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Oh I am very sorry .. I shall do some investigation right away>_<

Originally Posted by junwang0808
Oh I am very sorry .. I shall do some investigation right away>_<

I rather doubt you will get much information junwang as it isn’t exactly “user friendly” However have a look in the ‘Reviews’ forum where these PE tools are discussed.

In fact I tried looping the elastic cord from an ADS round my glans and didn’t like the look of things when I stretched it.

That’s all the advice I can give you I’m afraid

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

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