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doctor visit

doctor visit

First of all I gotta say that if nothing else, kegals are making a big change in my life already. I’ve been doing them about a month and WOW! what a difference I literally can maintain a much stronger erection and since stretching and jelquing my penis has been hanging lower when flaccid and much stronger when erect. Although no gains yet (just been a week). Anyways the main reason for this post is that today I went to take a physical for work. Well my doctor is a GP and urologist, so he was giving away free samples of Viagra to all his male patients. I was going to take them just because I always wanted to see what it was like to be on Viagra. But he said, “I doubt you need them” I told him that thankfully not really. Then he said that at my age my erections probably never go away. I jokingly said that kegals make it even better. To which he said oh u do that? That’s great and those are great to do. Then out of curiosity I had to ask since the opportunity was there. I asked if he thought any of these methods to increase penis size help. He looked at me like I was dumb. Then he shook his head and said, that it was a complete waste of time and money whether they were pills or exercises. And then he said “nothing will change the size of your penis” And that was that. Needless to say I was a bit discouraged but I don’t care. I have to find out for myself and will continue to try. Maybe doctors like this just assume it doesnt work but it looks like the people here know better. But what do you guys think? If this is for real why are there so many skeptics if this really works? I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t work for everyone and probably not for most. But there are the elite few like the members here who put in the extra effort and see results. And if that’s the case, count me in, cuz I will work hard to make myself a member of the elite few.

That’s where book learnin falls flat and practical “hands on” experience comes out ahead. Maybe as your check-ups continue you can start asking him about your strange horse cock affliction and how he can help to curtail all your growth! Because, since it doesn’t work, something must be wrong!

lol. Let’s hope that’s what happens. You have no idea how bad I want to have a noticable increase so I can show this arrogant doc that he doesn’t know everything.

If you go through medical school how long do you think they cover pe? They prolly cover it by saying tell patients to avoid it because it doesn’t work. Most doctors have limited education regarding the subject and simply follow what is told of them. There is no doubt in my mind the ligs can be stretched, it makes perfect sense and works. The real question is if the actual penis in the form of the tunica can be. I think given sufficient time and pressure any body part will adapt to a stress, thats part of being human, and I think thats part of pe.

I am a surgeon (not a urologist) and I have asked the same question of 3 urologists. They all gave the same response as you heard. One is a close friend and I told him that it has worked for me. I gained about an inch in length and half an inch in girth, as well as getting all of the other benefits such as harder erections and better control. He plans to sign on here soon, and read some threads. He is actually thinking about conducting a controlled, randomized, prospective study on the subject. As a scientist, I can tell you that such a study, done well, is the only thing that will bring PE out of the closet, for better or worse. A major impediment to such a study is that there really is no industry that would stand to benefit. In fact, drug makers would suffer in a major way if free PE replaces Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.. That’s major opposition!

Well, plain old exercise and a good diet are all that is needed to reduce heart attacks, the biggest killer in America and those facts are well documented and talked about. I don’t see heart attacks declining in a rush for Americans to get healthy.

The bottom line is that PE requires hard work and dedication, and that fact alone means you will always be a member of an elite group (that is if you don’t quit). And that also guarantees that the pills will continue to sell as the easy way out.


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