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Doctor approval for PE growth exercises

Doctor approval for PE growth exercises

My question is if there is any scientific observation behind this huge try of individuals to make a knowledge base about penis growth.. there any,what do the astrologist’s say about PE?

Lmao this really cracked me up.

Roflmao!! :)

On a serious note though, why bother about medical approval. Honestly, whether pe is legit or not is not my concern. Take a look around, many reverent members have built an analysis on what we are doing by scientific methods. You’ll know if it’s credible only after you try it. Besides you been registered for almost 2 years.. I’m wondering what prompted you to raise such a question.

Urologists or Astrologists? Quite the difference here. One looks at Uranus through a scope and the other guy you pay to put a scope in your anus! I think physical proof is the best proof. Look at the numbers that some of these guys are throwing up. The only legitimate question would be are the gains permanent? If they are indeed permanent growth gains, then you should not require a “maintenance” program. I read an article once doing a search for weights where they were interviewing a urologist and he was of the “opinion” that people who jelq, stretch and vacuum are actually seeing a temporary swelling and inflammation but they are not actually increasing their penis size. I disagree completely. I was forever 4.125” girth and after a few months of sporadic PE was at a solid 5” girth. I left PE behind for over 18 months and still measured 5” girth. I gained permanent girth at the age of 35 by jelq. So my advice to the medical community is don’t believe every thing that you read in your little journals! Pull on your Johnson for a couple of months and decide for yourself if it works! Besides look at how many times the medical community says “this causes cancer, oops no it don’t, nope sorry, now it does again, etc.etc”.

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