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Do you think younger Men will get gains faster then older

Do you think younger Men will get gains faster then older

Like lets say 18-30 years old get gains faster cause there young. I know that younger guys have easier time gaining muscle then someone that starts working out at 35

From reading the forums these last few years, I’d say age has little correlation to gains. Having said that some older forum contributors have had exceptional gains.

Hmm dunno

When I was in my mid 20z I was 13.5 x 7 that was b4 my shaving accident which made me have to quit PE but I will say that yes the younger you are the better the results.

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Erect Length and Girth 8 x 5.2 [8/23/2013] Had A Injury That Caused me to take a break from PE

PE takes a bit of discipline and commitment. I’m sure someone can look at the database and see which age groups have fared the best, assuming there is any correlation to age.

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