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Do You think this is possible

Do You think this is possible

Hi Guy’s,

Do any of you out there think it is possible to gain and maintain 1mm each week in length, until of course you begin to hit your maximum( Or is the a maximum) I did some calculations and if you could gain and maintain 1mm per week that would equate to 2 Inches per year even if you only did 1/2 mm per week after a year that is an outstanding 1 inch, whats your thoughts on this?

It may be possible depending on the person, but I would say it is not probable. At the beginning it would be eaiser to do, but after some time, gaining 1mm takes effort.


It’s proved (experimented PE guys confirmed) that gains in first months are much facilely to be obtained.
But also some guys gained starting with 4th month (nothing in first period), others, after gaining months, reached plateau (no more gain).
So, your calculation is not so realistic, it seems gaining is not so constant.
Keep doing and you will see what happened.


Don’t measure in millimeters, measure in inches and centimeters. This was the hardest thing for me to get over. Put the ruler away and do your workout for a month and then measure. Resist the urge to measure before then. It is much more rewarding to say in a month measure and see that you have gained 1/3 of an inch that to see that you gained 1 mm everyday.

Very true Ashtray, I have to hide the ruler I just measured today and saw I have gained a little, sometimes it is hard to resist the measurement LOL good luck anyway.

PE is not linear.


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