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Do you think there's a correlation between a man's weight and his initial girth?


lol. Thanks, Big Girtha - any wisdom you can share will be much obliged!

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Originally Posted by The Navigator

In other words, do you think skinny guys tend to have skinny penises, while fat guys tend to have fat penises?

I lost weight and my penis did not shrink. Still the same 6” girth it always was.

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NO, it doesn’t shrink, nor get bigger. Just appears smaller due to it staying the same size as the thighs and belly get big. When erect it can be shorter due to fat buildup on the pubic bone, so will be partially covered by the fat.

I suspect there might be a link to how well you are built and girth. I don’t mean how fat you are but how wide your shoulders are. I don’t have a lot to go off. But one example is me and my brother. I am a very slim build with a slim penis and he is broad shouldered with a wide penis. We are both about the same length despite me being a lot taller. Also I’ve talked to this other guy who is very tall and skinny and has a long skinny penis. Though I am tall and have a average length penis.

I think with things like this that maybe you are just slightly more likely to have a thinner penis if you are skinny. Although this isn’t based on a lot of evidence just what I would suspect.

How about the posterior/anterior tilt of the Hip and how it increases or deceases the normal blood flow that is generated to the penis throughout the day. A hip with an odd angle could apply less/more pressure to the veins and arteries which could affect the blood flow into the penis, which could account for better infusion of hormones, minerals and stuff! Gotta have stuff! Does it make any sense to anyone?

I can’t see any correlation in this since you’re born with your penis.

You are born with your penis. But poor posture, pudendal fat, oddly developed muscles all this factors could alter the natural blood flow into your penis. I say this because I go to physical therapy for Round Shoulder Syndrome treatment and I have noticed that during my PT my hip has become more balanced and have felt a change of circulation. I have had a better response to clamping than before. Just my 2 cents.


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